Taking “Phonetography” to the Next Level with Oppo F1s

When the OPPO F1s entered the smartphone market almost a year ago, August to be exact, it became a revolutionary device that changed the way people take their selfies. The ability of a smartphone to take clear selfies has been the norm in the smartphone game.

Elegance and Power

With its sleek and stylish design already , the OPPO F1s’ functionality doesn’t come short at all. Boasting its best feature, the 16-megapixel front camera, it also has built-in application that can automatically enhance your photo for a more amazing selfie experience. The smartphone was designed to give comfort and give the user a new experience by combining the best technologies in one single device.

The Ultimate Selfie Expert

Clarity and Detail

Now comes the good part! The front-facing camera of the OPPO F1s is something off the charts. It has a 16-megapixel camera situated on the front of the mobile phone. This is a great, refreshing change when front cameras are involved because then we say goodbye to the times when specifications of camera only ranged from Video Graphic Array (VGA) quality to 3.0 megapixel at most.

Phonetography at its finest

With great camera comes great selfies and better communication through video calls. Imagine being able to travel and just go anywhere with a high quality camera to document it all? More so, if you love taking snaps of the scenery, the rear camera has a bit lower megapixel compared to the front, but it doesn’t sell short. With a 13.0 megapixel rear camera, you can up your phonetography and Instagram game with its ability to take double exposure photos, GIFs, and also  ultra high definition photos.

Up until today, the OPPO F1s continues to make big in the world of smartphones and in the hands of its happy selfie-loving owners. What with its monster specifications and at a great deal, we can only hope that the quality of smartphones continues to be innovated, especially its camera capabilities.

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