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After a valiant effort Nesthy Petecio clinches silver medal

Nesthy Petecio has put on a valiant effort but in the end it all came down to a very tough decision to call for the judges giving the gold to the Japanese boxer Sena Irie.

The fight was tough to call as both boxers showed their skills that placed the bout into a rubber match. In the first round, the Japanese boxer showed her agility and quickness in the ring. While Sena landed some punches, Nesthy retaliated with some. However, at the end of the first round it was clear that Sena Irie scored more over Nesthy Petecio.

Exciting Second Round

This is not the first time that Nesthy had to recalibrate her strategies for the second round. She had to change strategies during her semifinal bout with Italy’s Irma Testa to win their match. In the Gold medal bout, it was clear that Nesthy had recalibrated her strategies, throwing and landing more punches and combinations. Nesthy Petecio took the second round scoring 10 from four judges and 9 from one judge.

The deciding bout

In the third round Nesthy Petecio continued with her barrage of punches, however, the japanese boxer was able to clinch and dodge. Both fighters were throwing combinations that at the end of the bout it was not clear who won the round.

At the end, the judges all scored in favor of the japanese boxer Sena Irie.

History made

Even before Nesthy Petecio entered the ring for the gold medal match, she already made history as the first woman to win a medal in the Olympics, and the first medal in boxing in 25 years. Those alone are feats that are worth recognizing and celebrating.


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