Most Men and Women in PH get Married Between Ages 25-29 years old

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority’s (PSA) 2019 Philippine Marriage Statistics which was released on January 11, 2021, most men and women in the Philippines get married between ages 25-29 years old.

“In 2019, about one in every three married between ages 25-29 years old, in which men and women comprise of 36.5 percent and 36.2 percent, respectively, of the total number of recorded marriages. ”


Furthermore, 36.5 percent is comprised of men and 36.2 percent is composed of women.

Figure 4

Source: PSA

In 2019, the number of registered marriages were 431,972 and most couples were married in December, February, May, and April.

Number of Marriages from 2010-2019

These are the number of registered marriages from 2010-2019 according to PSA:

Figure 1a

Source: PSA

Top 5 Regions with Highest Number of Recorded Marriages

  • CALABARZON: 13.9 percent
  • National Capital Region (NCR): 12.4 percent
  • Central Luzon: 11.8 percent
  • Central Visayas: 8.3 percent
  • Western Visayas: 8.0 percent

Figure 2

Source: PSA

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Source: PSA

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