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Permanent Validity of Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates Lapses into Law

The bill seeking the permanent validity for certificates of live birth, death, and marriage, has now lapsed into law on July 28.

Republic Act 11909, known as the “Permanent Validity of the Certificates of Live Birth, Death, and Marriage Act” aims to remove the unnecessary “duplicitous process and requirements involving the issuance and use” of these documents.

While the PSA has clarified that certificates of Live Birth do not have an expiry date, some government institutions and private organizations still require individuals to submit documents that were obtained at least six months prior as the security paper changes its features.

Under this law, though, certificates of live birth, death, and marriage that are issued, signed, certified, or authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and its predecessor, the National Statistics Office (NSO), and the local civil registries, and the reports of birth, death, and marriage registered and issued Philippine Foreign Service Posts and transmitted to the PSA shall now have permanent validity.

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Permanent Validity

According to the Act, the certificates will remain valid and shall be recognized and accepted in all government or private transactions or services requiring submission thereof, provided that the documents remain intact, readable, and still visibly contains the authenticity and security features.

If the texts on the certificate appear unreadable, or an administrative correction or a judicial decree has been approved, a new, amended, or updated certificate must be submitted.


Violators of the Act will be punished with imprisonment of one (1) month and one (1) day to six (6) months or a fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) but not more than Ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00).

If the violation is committed by a:

  • Public official or employee
    • accessory penalty of temporary disqualification to hold public office shall likewise be imposed
  • corporation, partnership, or association
    • board of director, partner, trustee, official, or employee who directly or indirectly participated in the commission of the unlawful act shall be liable

SOURCE: Senate of the Philippines

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