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Mayor Magalong Orders Mandatory Use of Face Masks in Baguio City

Mayor Benjamin Magalong issued Executive Order no. 70, S. 2020 mandating all people within the jurisdiction of Baguio City to use face masks and other similar protective covers when they are in public and when they leave their houses. This is one of the additional safety measures of the city government of Baguio to ensure the safety of all Baguio citizens against COVID-19. From the beginning of the ECQ, Mayor Magalong already announced the strict use of face masks when going outside and ordered establishments to not allow and accept customers who are not wearing face masks or alternative coverings. Baguio City is one of the areas that are under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). It’s stated in Resolution No. 18 of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for Emerging and Infectious Diseases that all areas under ECQ are mandated to wear face masks and protective gear when they are in public.

Types of Face Masks

Aside from wearing face masks, other things must be observed such as strict hygiene, sanitation practices, and social distancing. Here are the following type of face masks that can be worn when going outside: • N95 masks • Surgical Masks • FFPI (Filtering Face Piece) masks • Activated Carbon Masks • Sponge Masks • Cloth Masks

Sanctions for Individuals Caught Without Face Mask

Persons who are not wearing face masks in public will be sanctioned with the following:

  • Individuals without face masks will be sent home immediately.
  • Their Quarantine Passes may be confiscated.
  • Individuals may be subject to sanctions as Provided in RA. No. 11332 or the “Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act”, the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, and such other applicable laws and ordinances.

Effectivity of EO

The executive order was signed by Mayor Magalong last April 4, 2020. And, the order will be effective until April 15, 2020, or at a date recommended by the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF). As a way to help our government and our front liners who have been doing their best to stop COVID-19 pandemic, we must be cooperative by following their orders. Our cooperation is a big factor in flattening the curve so let us wear face masks at all times when in public, we must observe social distancing, and apply proper sanitation.    Executive Order No. 70 series of 2020

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