Luzviminda: Tapestries that Bind our Independence

The LuzViMinda: Tapestries that Bind our Independence Fashion Show was held at the main lobby of The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay just this August 9, 2019. The event showcased numerous gowns and garments created by remarkable designers from all over the country. 

Designers from all over the country

During the first part of the event, musical performances and different traditional Filipino folk dances were performed by the groups Kadwa, BCNHS SPA Dances, and UB Graces. The performances of folk dances from all over the country such as Binasuan, Tinolabong, and Subli warmly welcomed and entertained guests.

On the other hand, the second half of the occasion marked the beginning of the fashion show, which has been directed by Mr. Jonard Don Jardenil.

LuzViMinda Fashion Show Proper 

From the Island of Luzon

To begin with, an Igorot dance performance marked the start of the Luzon Fashion Show.

The first batch of fashion wears were designed by exceptional members of the Designers Circle Philippines (DCP) from the island of Luzon. These talented designers are Dave Ocampo, Erjohn dela Serna, Niño Ramirez, Thaddeus Carreon, Rey Lazaro, Dee Jay Abustan, Norman Acuba, Richie Bondoc, and Francis Calaquian.

Designed by Erjohn dela Serna

From the Island of Visayas

After the glamorous display of gowns by Luzon-based designers, a performance from Sinulog dancers transitioned to the next part and entertained the guests and staff alike.

Designed by Glenn Lopez

The second batch of elegant gowns were made by brilliant designers of DCP from the island of Visayas. These undeniable creative designers who crafted these stylish pieces of clothing are Glenn Lopez, Jehrick dela Roca, Sasa Abarentos, Ivan dela Cruz, Ira Baylon, Sony Boy Mindo, and of course Fanny Serrano.

From the Island of Mindanao

Dama Dancers have also taken the stage for another ethnic dance performance before models showcased the designs for the Mindanao Fashion Show portion.

Designed by Roman Sebastian

The last but not the least batch of masterpieces were designed by the DCP members from the island of Mindanao. These skillful designers who brought beauty to the runway for this portion are Edwin Uy, Enoc Aliga, Roman Sebastian, Don Pedro Moises, Karen Castro, Simoun Andres, Cliff D Torres, Rafael Gonzalea, Rene Salud and Johnny Abad.

Modernized Filipino Garments: Ethnicity and Elegance

The modernized traditional Filipino garments featured in the event were inspired by the original attire of ethnic groups from the islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. These creative designs were worn by the models from De Stijl Image Reinvented, FeelX Models, and DPC Models.

Fashion, art, and culture radiated within the venue from the beginning of the LuzViMinda Fashion Show up until the end. The more or less 3-hour long event has shown that fashion or art in general truly is one of the finest and most glamorous ways of promoting and inculcating our culture in every Filipino. 

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