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LTO refresher course now required for Driver’s License Renewal

The Land Transportation Office will now be enforcing the provisions of  Republic Act 10930 or the act rationalizing and strengthening the policy regarding driver’s licenses. According to the announcement made by the Land Transportation Office through their website, the said enforcement of the provisions will start October 28, 2021.

Ten years drivers license validity period

Part of the provision of Republic Act 10930 is to increase the validity of the driver’s license to 10 years for drivers with no violations, while the validity of five years for drivers with traffic violation records. According to RA 10930: “…any holder of a professional or nonprofessional driver’s license who has not committed any violation of Republic Act 4136 and other traffic laws, rules and regulations during the (5) five year period shall be entitled to a renewal of such license for (10) years, subject to the restrictions as may be imposed by LTO”. This means that to be qualified for a 10-year driver’s license renewal you must not commit any traffic violations regardless if it is a national or a local traffic law violation.

Comprehensive Driver’s Education Course Required

In addition to enforcing a 10-year validity of driver’s license renewal, all those who will renew their license are mandated to undergo a Comprehensive Driver’s Education or CDE. The Comprehensive Driver’s Education course is some sort of a refresher course for drivers and it can be taken FREE through the LTO Portal ( or through LTO offices. The Comprehensive Driver’s Education is also being offered through LTO-accredited driving schools, it can however be implied that taking the CDE through the LTO-accredited driving schools comes with a fee. After taking the Comprehensive Driver’s Education, the driver will be getting a CDE Certificate which is the newly added documentary requirement for the renewal of the driver’s license.

Enforcing the Comprehensive Driver’s Education

The Land Transportation Office will roll out the Comprehensive Driver’s Education requirement gradually. The requirement will be first rolled out at the Central Office-Licensing Section at the Quezon City Licensing Center (QCLC). Other licensing offices in NCR will follow starting November 3, 2021. For those renewing their licenses outside of NCR, the Land Transportation Office advises the public to wait for further announcements.

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