Must-Try Korean Restaurants in the City of Pines

One of the best things to do during get together is to eat. If you are celebrating your vacation here in Baguio City there are a lot of food joints to choose from. With the widespread popularity of K-Pop and K-Drama, many Filipinos also have loved Korean dishes. With this, the number of Korean restaurants in the City of Baguio is growing and you might want to check one of these restaurants. 

Craving For Samgyupsal?

Here are some of the Korean Restaurants in the City of Pines. You might be familiar or have tried some of these restaurants. 

Korean Palace Restaurant

The location is at South Drive and they have available parking space. Before you start strolling around the city, you can have a buffet meal here first for you to have full energy to check all the must-see places in the city.

Woodnymph Korean Restaurant

You can drop by in this restaurant located at Military Cut-off Road. For private vehicles, they have a space for parking. This restaurant was built in the year 1994. 

K Flavor Buffet

You can check this Korean restaurant located at Bukaneg Road, Legarda Street, Baguio City. Also, they have a parking space. After having your meal here, you can now resume in checking other tourist destinations in the city. 

The three mentioned restaurants above give you the chance to try “Hanbok” or Korean Traditional Costume for free. With that, you can take instagrammable photos while wearing hanbok that you can post on your social media accounts. 

Here are some of my photos wearing Hanbok.

Pearl Meat Shop and Korean Restaurant

After having a stroll around Burnham Park and since Pearl Meat Shop and Korean Restaurant is near the park you can have your meal here. This is located at Carino Street. 

Ready to try one of these Korean Restaurants?

If ever you have the chance to visit Baguio City, add on your list of must-visit places maybe one or all of this Korean Restaurant. In these places, you can celebrate any special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and since Christmas or New Year is fast approaching you can have your celebration in any of these restaurants. 

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