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How to Zoom in Photoshop: 5 Easy Ways to Zoom in and Out of an Image

How to zoom in Photoshop is a basic yet very valuable feature of the powerful photo editing app by Adobe. In this article, we will discuss the different ways you can get into the details of a photo you are editing in any Adobe Photoshop version. 

When editing a photo, especially a high-resolution one, it is important that you don’t miss details that can be easily overlooked when the image is zoomed out. The zoom tool is also a very convenient tool for editors so you don’t have to squint just to see the nitty-gritty of a photo. The creators of Adobe Photoshop have created different ways of zooming in and out of a photo that will suit different users’ preferences for a faster and more efficient workflow.

For this tutorial, we will be using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, and an HD photo of a sunflower field.

how to zoom in photoshop

How to Zoom in Photoshop Method #1

Here’s the most basic way on how to zoom in on photoshop using just your mouse:

  1. At the toolbar on the left side of your screen, click the magnifying glass at the bottom. This is the Zoom Tool. 
  2. By default, a magnifying tool with a plus sign will replace your cursor. 
  3. Press the area you want to zoom in until it reaches your desired level.
  4. When you want to zoom out, simply press the magnifying glass with the minus sign below the menu bar. You can switch from zoom in to out as desired.

How to Zoom in Photoshop Method #2

  1. To access zoom using your keyboard, simply press the letter ‘Z’ on your keyboard. Here you can use the zoom-in tool as Method #1.
  2. To zoom out, press ‘Alt’ on your keyboard and notice that the symbol on your cursor changed to minus or ‘-’. Hold down Alt and press the area you want to zoom out until you reach your desired level. You can also use the scroll of your mouse to zoom out.

How to Zoom in Photoshop Method #3: By Scrolling 

You can use this method if you find switching from the Move tool to the Zoom tool a hassle. Press “Ctrl + Alt” on your keyboard and use the scroll of your mouse to zoom in and out. This way, you don’t have to click the zoom tool to use it.

Method #4: Keyboard Shortcuts

For Photoshop users, keyboard shortcuts are our best friend. To zoom in and out on Photoshop, here are two ways you can do so using only your keyboard:

Press “Ctrl” and the plus sign (+) to zoom in and and “Ctrl + minus sign (-)” to zoom out. The downside of this shortcut is that it will only zoom in and out in the middle, compared to the earlier methods wherein you can direct your mouse where to zero in and out.

Method #5: Fit Screen/Fill Screen

Finally, another way to zoom in and out of an image on Photoshop is to use the Fill Screen or Fit Screen feature. This is a great feature to use when you have zoomed in a lot and you want the image to immediately fit the screen.

There are three ways to access the fit screen/fill screen feature. You can either:

  1. Click on Zoom Tool. You will find the Fit Screen and Fill Screen buttons on the Options bar below the Menu Bar.

  1. While using the Zoom tool, right-click the image using your mouse and click Fit on Screen.

how to zoom on photoshop

  1. Press “Ctrl + 0” to fit the image to the screen, and “Ctrl + 1” to fill the screen with the image.

What is the best way to Zoom in Photoshop?

What might be easy for other editors can be hard for some. The answer to this question would depend on how much these methods help you achieve the final look of your image in the soonest way possible. What you can do is start experimenting with each method and see what method you are most comfortable using. You can also mix and match these methods to suit your workflow.

For those who want to use an editor for beginners, here’s how you can start editing photos in PicsArt.

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