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Facebook Introduces Feature for Multiple Personal Profiles: A New Way to Customize Your Experience

Facebook has announced a new feature that allows users to create multiple personal profiles, aiming to simplify and customize user experiences on the platform. This feature is designed for both new and longtime users who wish to segregate their personal and professional relationships or maintain different profiles for various communities and interests.

The introduction of multiple profiles enables users to organize their sharing preferences and content visibility according to different aspects of their lives. For instance, a user could have one profile dedicated to their love for the foodie scene and another for connecting with friends and family. This feature is rolling out globally and will continue to be available over the next few months.

How It Works:

  • Users can choose a name and have an @username for up to four additional personal profiles.
  • Each profile can connect with different people or communities, resulting in a unique Feed with content and shared interests tailored to that profile.
  • Users can easily switch between profiles without requiring additional logins.

However, at launch, some features such as Dating, Marketplace, Professional Mode, and payments will not be available to additional personal profiles. Messaging will initially be available within the Facebook app and on the web for additional profiles, with plans to expand Messenger support in the coming months. This option is available only to eligible adult accounts.

Controls and Privacy on your “extra” Facebook Profile:

When creating an additional personal profile, default settings are applied, and notification and privacy settings from one profile do not carry over to others. Users have the ability to manage settings separately for each profile and are advised to check and update privacy settings for each new profile created. Importantly, the main Facebook profile will not display the existence of additional personal profiles.

Maintaining Authenticity and Responsibility:

Facebook maintains its policy on Account Integrity and Authentic Identity, requiring that the main Facebook profile must be in the name used in everyday life. Users can choose any name for additional profiles, but impersonation and identity misrepresentation are strictly prohibited. All profiles, including additional ones, must adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards. Violation of policies can result in action taken on the account and all associated profiles.

This development follows the success of separate interest-based accounts on Instagram, and Facebook is optimistic about bringing this versatile option to its users, offering clearer organization of friends, groups, and interests and fostering more relevant engagement.

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