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History of Marker of Scout Jamboree in Baguio City

October is a special month for scouts all over the country. This is since the month of October of every year has been designated as the “National Scouting Month”, through Proclamation No. 1326, s. 1974, by the order of former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos.

The purpose of the National Scouting Month, as stated in the proclamation is to “focus the nation’s attention on the importance of the BSP and the Girl Scouts of the Philippines and the far-reaching effects of scouting on Philippine society.”

Since this month is the National Scouting Month, let’s look back at a national scouting event held by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) in Baguio City several years ago, the 8th National Jamboree.

Through the Memorandum Circular No. 28 signed on February 16, 1987, the attendance in the said national jamboree has been authorized.

The 8th National Jamboree was held on February 21-27, 1987 in the City of Pines in commemoration of the 50th Foundation Anniversary of the BSP.

A photo of a landmark in Baguio City containing the phrase "BSP 8th National Jamboree"

To date, a landmark remembering this special scouting event held in the city stands near the Wright Park Amphitheater, Baguio City, holding the phrases “BSP 8th NATIONAL JAMBOREE” and “SUB CAMP ROMULO RIZAL COUNCIL”.

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