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Guidelines for Tourists Going to Baguio

On the Guidelines for Tourists Going to Baguio provided by the Baguio City Tourism Office and the Public Information Office (PIO) of the City of Baguio last year, more tourists were allowed per day in the city.

City officials have decided to increase the daily tourist arrivals from 500 to 1,000 according to the city government of Baguio’s update last December 3, 2020.

Read more of the details about the simplified guidelines for tourists going to Baguio provided by the City Tourism Office.

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Guidelines for Tourists Going to Baguio

For tourists planning to visit the City of Baguio, check out the following guidelines.

Types of Tourist Who are Now Allowed

As stated in the guidelines, below are the following lists the were allowed in the city:

  • All tourists from the entire Luzon
  • All ages
  • Staying in own, relative’s or friend’s house
  • Same-day trips
  • Trip to BLISTT tourist attractions
  • Long-term vacations


As mentioned in the guidelines for tourists going to Baguio, these are the requirements in entering the city:

  • A Baguio VISITA account
  • Approved travel with issued QR-coded Tourist Pass (QTP)
    • Schedule a visit with your Baguio VISITA account, entering travel and accommodation details and health declaration
  • Negative COVID-19 test results
    • Done prior to travel or upon arrival
  • Triage procedures upon arrival

Who can Visit

In the guidelines for tourists going to Baguio, these are the following who can visit the city:

  • All tourists from entire Luzon
  • All Ages
    • As long as no underlying health conditions
    • No COVID-19 symptoms or exposure
    • Women must not be pregnant
  • All with Baguio VISITA account
  • All with Issued QTP
    • With your VISITA account, schedule a visit with travel details
    • Fill-out Electronic Health Declaration Form
    • Choose COVID-19 test option
    • Upload required test documents
    • Save or print the issued QR-coded Tourist Pass or QTP

What is QTP?

  • Your QTP or QR-Coded Tourist Pass serves as your electronic ID to be presented at the following:
    • Border checkpoint
    • The triage
    • All tourism establishments for validation
    • Contact tracing.
    • Note: No QTP, no travel.
  • Travel requests can only be verified and approved up to 10:00 PM of the day before the travel date.
    • Note: No walk-in travelers allowed, so schedule your visit early.
  • For the following, please register at
    • Returning resident
    • Students
    • Workers or APORs

Steps to a Safe and Responsible Visit

Here are four steps for a safe and responsible visit stated in the guidelines for tourist going to Baguio:

  • Create a Baguio VISITA account at
  • Schedule a visit and wait for your QTP via email (health declaration and testing option will be required)
  • Proceed to Triage upon arrival for health and COVID-19 test verification
  • Follow Baguio health and safety protocols and standards while in the city

Additional Reminders

Keep in mind these additional reminders:

  • Don’t forget to bring a copy of your COVID-19 Test Result or Testing Form (CIF) at the Triage.
  • Don’t forget to bring a copy of your QTP when going to city establishments and attractions.

Health and Safety Protocols While in Baguio City

The following are health and safety protocols while in the city according to the guidelines for tourist going to Baguio:

  • Proceed to Triage upon arrival
    • CAP Convention Center John Hay Triage
      • Open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Baguio Convention Center Triage
      • Open 24 hours
  • Present QTP/QR-Coded Tourist Pass
    • In checkpoints
    • In hotels
    • In tourism establishments
    • In tourist sites
  • Always observe minimum health and safety standards in public places
    • Wear face mask and face shields
    • Maintain physical distance of at least 1 meter as much as possible
    • Wash or sanitize hands always
    • Whenever you can, avoid crowded areas and places

COVID-19 Testing Options and Requirements When Visiting Baguio

Here are the testing options and requirements when visiting the city based on the provided guidelines for tourist going to Baguio:

1. Test Prior to Travel

  • RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen tests are allowed as long as taken within 72 hours prior to arrival
  • Upload negative test results when scheduling a visit with your Baguio VISITA account, bring a hardcopy to the Triage upon arrival for validation.
  • If found to be invalid, an Antigen test shall be done for a fee.

2. Test Upon Arrival

  • Download testing form and re-upload after filling-out, bring a hardcopy to the Triage upon arrival
  • Rapid Antigen test is available at the triage for Php 1,300


  • Testing is NOT mandatory for tourists below 18 years old at the Triage, unless symptomatic. If asymptomatic, parents or guardians shall decide if the child will undergo COVID-19 test.
  • An RT-PCR Confirmatory Test shall be conducted to anyone (at any age) for the following cases:
    • Tourist’s antigen test upon arrival turns out to be positive
    • Tourist is reported to manifest COVID-19 symptoms
    • Tourist is reported to be a close direct contact of a COVID-19 patient

The guidelines for tourist going to Baguio was posted on the official Facebook page of the Baguio City Tourism Office and the PIO-City of Baguio.

Baguio City Tourists’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These Baguio Tourists and VISITA FAQs were released by Baguio Tourism on November 3, 2020, as a supplement to the guidelines. You may check the abovementioned guidelines for tourists going to Baguio first to have your basic questions answered.

On Baguio VISITA Registration and Requirements

  1. Are there registration fees?
    • None.
  2. Is there a limit as to the number of allowed tourists inside Baguio?
    • As of now, we’re limiting tourists to 500/day at a time inside Baguio City. This may be adjusted anytime accordingly with prior notice. Keep posted for updates. (The answer 500/day on this FAQ was published on November 3, 2020)
    • Based on December 3, 2020 update from the City government of Baguio, city officials have decided to increase the daily tourist arrivals from 500 to 1,000.

  3. Are senior citizens or minors allowed to visit Baguio?
    • There is no age limit to tourists, as long as they are healthy, not pregnant (for women), and without COVID-19 symptoms.
  4. How long will it take for VISITA to send me confirmation regarding my travel request?
    • As soon as all documentary requirements are complete, your travel request shall be confirmed within 24, hours.
  5.  What if I have no access to a computer or smartphone?
    • Others who may be more technically proficient can assist you in the process.
    • For your convenience, you may engage with travel agents who can assist in creating your Baguio VISITA account and register your travel. They can also issue electronic QTPs.

  6.  What if I don’t have a mobile or smartphone to save my QTP?
    • The QR-coded Tourist Pass (QTP) may be printed on paper.
    • Better if on hard paper like an ID, or laminated.
  7. Do we still need to secure travel authority? What are we going to present at the checkpoints?
    • For tourists, no need for travel authority from point of origin.
    • The documents you need to upload in VISITA are your valid ID, current photo, COVID-19 test results or testing form.
    • At the checkpoint, you only need to present your QTP, as issued to you via email after confirmation of your travel request.
    • With a valid QTP, checkpoint officers will direct you to proceed immediately to the triage.
  8. What will minors upload if they don’t have IDs and email addresses yet?
    • Registration of minors can be done by their parent or legal guardian, using a newly created email managed by parent/guardian.
    • For required VISITA documents, ID of the parent/guardian may be uploaded, except for the current photo and COVID-19 test forms.
  9. If I am staying only for one day and just have a round trip visit, do I need to register in the VISITA and comply with the Negative COVID-19 Test?
    • Yes, all tourists will need to register in VISITA and must comply with COVID-19 test requirements.

  10. What are the next steps to be followed once we have secured our QTP? Are there any other clearance requirements prior to entering Baguio City?
    • As soon as you receive your QTP, you are ready to go.
    • Just present QTP at the border checkpoint and you will be directed to proceed to the triage center.
    • Be reminded to also bring a copy of your test result or accomplished testing form at the triage.

  11. What is the process for returning residents, or APORs and travelers who are not tourists?
    • The following, when entering Baguio, shall register at, instructions and requirements are posted therewith:
      • LSIs, returning residents, workers, and students
      • APORs and other official business travels
      • Drop & go and passing through travelers
      • Travels for medical purposes

On Travel, Tour and Accommodation Concern

  1. Is public transport already available?
    • For now, there is no provincial public transport operating until approved guidelines are issued for such. (The answer to this FAQ was published on November 3, 2020)
    • You may use a private vehicle or request tour transport from your travel agent.
    • Within the city, there are already taxis and jeepneys plying around the city.
  2. Are DIY tours and excursions or same-day tours already allowed?
    • Yes, all types of tours are now allowed, as long as the address where they are staying and contact person in Baguio are declared.
  3. Can I stay in my relative’s or friend’s house or in our own vacation house?

    • Yes, as long as the area is not on hard lockdown, where there is an identified local outbreak.
    • As a safer option, book in accommodation establishments that had been issued with Certificate of Authority to Operate or Certificate of Compliance, then you may just meet with relatives and friends in safer areas.
  4. What is the minimum or maximum length of stay allowed for tourists in the City?
    • No limits.
    • Tourists can stay for any number of days in Baguio.
  5. What if my chosen hotel is not on the list of VISITA?
    • For your safety, you can only book your accommodation with registered hotels or accommodation establishments.
    • If they are not on the list, they are not yet registered.
  6. Can tourists visit their relatives who are in Baguio (in their resident area)?

    • Yes, as long as the area is not on hard lockdown, where there is identified local outbreak.
    • For your safety, it is highly recommended that meeting with your friends and family be done in open spaces or establishments with a Certificate of Compliance.
  7. Will I be allowed to enter and tour the tourism attractions in BLISTT?
    • Yes, but in coordination with the LGU.
    • For convenient entry, arrange a tour in BLISTT areas with an accredited tour and travel agents.

  8. What if I’m a tourist to an adjacent destination town and just passing through Baguio, what are the requirements?
    • Each LGU has its own requirements and protocols, so you need to comply with such separately.
    • As a passing-through traveler, you’ll need to register also in the city’s

  9. Is there a need to receive the QTP or confirmation before traveling or can we walk-in and submit the requirements upon arrival at the border checkpoint?
    • QTP must be secured and saved prior to travel.
    • Since we are still regulating the number of tourists coming in, walk-ins are not yet allowed.
  10. What are the penalties if I violate the guidelines as a visiting tourist?
    • Not following city health and safety protocols and guidelines is a violation under RA 11469 or “Bayanihan To Heal As One Act” and/or RA 11332 or “Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Heath Concern Act” and therefore will be subjected to legal procedures.

On Testing Requirements and Health Protocols

    • What if there are no testing laboratories available in our hometown?
      • Testing upon arrival is an option.
      • For P1,300.00, a Rapid Antigen test is available at the Central Triage in CAP John Hay or Baguio Convention Center.
    • What are the accepted types of COVID-19 test for tourists?
      • Any DOH-approved testing methods can be used.
      • For now, it is the RT-PCR test and Rapid Antigen test, either of which should be done 72 hours prior to arrival, or an Antigen test done in Baguio upon arrival.

    • Are minors not required to undergo swab test?
      • Testing is NOT mandatory for tourists below 18 years old at the triage, unless symptomatic.
      • If symptomatic, parents or guardians shall decide if child will undergo COVID-19 test.
    • If I will stay in Baguio for more than a week or more, am I required to submit myself to COVID-19 test again?

      • Not necessarily.
      • Re-test or any confirmatory test in Baguio shall only be required when tourists start to manifest COVID-19 symptoms.
      • Also, if required by the home LGU when returning back home.
    • Is Rapid Antigen Test safe for infants and children?
      • Yes, there is no medical reference that says otherwise.
    • Is the Antigen test painful? How is it done?
      • Antigen test is done by a nasal swab, which may cause a little discomfort up the nose.

    • Do we need to go to Central Triage upon arrival?
      • Yes, it is required that everyone entering the city, will undergo triage upon arrival.
      • We have two triage centers.
      • If arriving between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, proceed to the CAP triage in John Hay.
      • For those arriving beyond the said hours, proceed to Baguio Convention Center triage, which is open 24 hours.
    • What happens at the Central triage?
      • During triage, your health declaration and test results will be verified by the triage medical staff for confirmation and validation.
      • The interview will take only 3 to 5 minutes.
      • But if tourists opted for a test in the triage, the testing form will have to be presented.
      • Test can be up to 10 minutes, and results will be available in 15 to 30 minutes.
      • A waiting area is provided for those waiting for results.

    • What will happen if the tourist tests positive of COVID-19 while inside Baguio City?
      • First, an RT-PCR confirmatory test will be conducted.
      • While waiting for results, the patient will be brought to one of the city-managed isolation centers, where lodging and food, provided.
      • When the result turns out to be positive, coordination and arrangement will be made with home LGU for the transfer back home.
      • Transportation back home will be arranged and shouldered by the city and home LGU.

For Updates

For updates on the guidelines for tourist going to Baguio, check out the official pages of the city:

For More News and Updates

Keep up with what’s happening within and beyond the City of Baguio. Frequently visit our Baguio City Guide website and like and follow our official Baguio City Guide Facebook page to catch the latest news and updates. Stay safe everyone!

Source: Public Information Office – City of BaguioBaguio Tourism, The City Government of Baguio| Official Website, Baguio Tourism| Facebook| Nov. 3, 2020

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