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Globe Warns Public vs. Globe at Home Modems Resold Ilegally as DITO Modems

Globe Telecom, Inc. has released a public advisory on Monday regarding a scam that has been circulating which involves their Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi modem.

According to the advisory made through the GlobeICON Facebook page, certain individuals and retail establishments have been reselling Globe At Home WiFi Modems and passing them off as one coming from their competitor, DITO Telecommunity. Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi modems have pre-inserted SIMs and need to be activated via the Globe At Home app or FB messenger upon purchase.

“The modus is done through the unauthorized unlocking of the Globe device, substituting the Globe SIM with a DITO Telecommunity SIM and concealing the Globe At Home trademark with a sticker of DITO,” the announcement said.

Globe urges consumers to buy only from legitimate Globe At Home stores, authorized dealers, and online shops to ensure quality and service guarantee.

The telecommunications company is prepared to take necessary legal action against individuals and establishments carrying out this scam and enjoins the public who has been victimized by the scam to report the matter to the Department of Trade and Industry – Consumer Protection Group and Globe’s Official Facebook Messenger.

As of posting, DITO has not yet released a statement regarding the issue.


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