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FDA issues update regarding Lucky Me! Instant Noodles Ethylene Oxide issue

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released an advisory update regarding its probe of the Ethylene Oxide reportedly found in Lucky Me! Pancit Canton products.

On June 7, some European countries and Taiwan has issued advisories on the recall of certain batches of the “Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton Noodles” due to the reported unauthorized presence of “Ethylene Oxide,” which is a pesticide used to disinfect herbs and spices. According to advisories, while the consumption of contaminated products may not pose an acute risk to health, continued consumption of ethylene oxide may be risky, thus the need to reduce exposure to the substance. FDA emphasized that the recalled batches were manufactured in Thailand.

As a precautionary measure, the issue triggered an investigation by the FDA PH to determine the level of ethylene oxide in Lucky Me! products manufactured locally. As per FDA Advisory No. 2022-1293 issued Friday, local manufacturer Monde Nissin Philippines reported to the FDA that on tests conducted by an independent laboratory in Vietnam, ethylene oxide was not detected in the samples submitted for the following variants and are, therefore, safe for consumption:

  • Pancit Canton Extra Hot Chili
  • Pancit Canton Regular
  • Pancit Canton Chilimansi
  • Instant Mami Beef Regular

However, ethylene oxide at a level below the EU acceptable level of 0.02 mg/kg was found in the Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Kalamansi variant.

OIC Director General Dr. Oscar Gutierrez Jr. says that “in this regard, the FDA will study this matter to determine the appropriate risk management strategy in consultation with other government agencies, like the Department of Agriculture.”



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