Family Fun Yet Affordable Activities in Baguio City

Planning for a weekend getaway or a staycation to the City of Pines? Well, you don’t have to drill a hole through your wallet because there are lots of things you and your family can do with a minimum budget but maximum bonding with the family. Below are some recommendations

Picnic at Burnham Park

Yolk Korean Egg Sandwich Dining Area at Burnham Park

The Yolk Korean Egg Sandwich Al-Fresco Dining area at Burnham Park

Burnham Park is one of the places where you and your family can have fun without breaking the bank. For a minimum budget, children can play on the children’s playground for no charge at all. The park also has more to offer than the children’s playground because the family can go boating at Burnham lake. Another exciting activity at this iconic park is bike riding, experience the cool Baguio air breezing through as you cycle around the park. What great is that it only costs a minimum of 40 pesos per half hour. After all these activities snacks are needed, you can pack some snacks for the family rather than splurge on a restaurant.

Relax at the Rose Garden

Rose Garden Burnham Park
The Rose Garden is one of the newest additions to Baguio City’s long line of tourist spots. The garden is a perfect 3-minute walk from Session Road to get away from the busyness of the town. Relax at the Rose Garden while you take in fresh air while watching the calming sound of water from the fountains. Don’t forget to share about your experience because there is also free Wi-Fi available at the Rose Garden.

Trekking at Camp John Hay

baguio city guide eco trail

Inside The Eco-Trail At Camp John Hay

Trekking may sound tiring for some people but it has a lot of benefits for the body and more importantly, your relationship with the family. Being with nature is relaxing and cheap because you only need one thing, your family and at Camp John Hay’s Eco Trail the whole family will definitely enjoy. The towering pine trees, gentle breeze, and the soft crunch of grass and dry pine needles against your shoes are relaxing. Definitely, a nature trip to remember.

Kite flying at Melvin Jones

Kite Flying
In our fast-paced technological world of today, we oftentimes forget the value of the little things. Children nowadays prefer to stay at home and play with their gadgets instead of playing outside like the good old days. Thus, take a break from technology and try kite flying at Melvin Jones. A simple bonding activity that strengthens your relationship with the kids minus having a big budget.

Art Appreciation at Baguio Museum


Bring the family to the Baguio Museum, a great experience to learn more about the history of Baguio and the culture of the Cordillera. The Baguio Museum is a home to a wide variety of artifacts that are part of the ethnolinguistic groups of the Cordilleras such as Mountain Province, Ibaloi, Ifugao, Kalinga. Gaddang, and Itneg. The well-preserved collection include traditional attires, accessories, ceramics, musical instruments, and more. The museum entrance fee will cost you no more than Php 50.00.

Fun does not equate to big amounts of money. There are lots of things money can’t buy such as your strong bond with your family, a child’s giggles, and a partner’s sweet smile. Sometimes a time with nature minus technology is all you need in order to relax. What are your suggestions for an affordable activity in Baguio City? Comment below,

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