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5 Ways To Relax In Baguio City During Holy Week

Holy Week is one of the biggest events in the Catholic calendar and Filipinos strictly follow this sacred event in remembrance of the death and resurrection of the saviour Jesus Christ. At this time of the year, popular activities include the Visita Iglesia, following the Fourteen Stations of the Cross, and fasting. Aside from that, this is also a week-long vacation for everyone. Thus, this is the week to relax and spend quality time with the family.

Baguio City as the Summer Capital of the country is a top choice when it comes to the best vacation spots. Take advantage of the Holy Week season and check out some of our recommendations to achieve relaxation while finding time to contemplate in life.

Baguio City may be located on top of a mountain but nothing beats a nice climb with a rewarding view. Mountain climbing is a great activity not just physically but spiritually as well. A break from the noise of the city together with a breathtaking view is what you’ll get upon reaching the peak of these mountains. Mountains you and your loved ones can visit near Baguio are Mount Ulap, Mount Kaluggong, and Mount Yangbew.

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  • Sip a heartwarming cup of coffee or tea

Baguio City’s high altitude and cool climate are simply the perfect combinations of coffee, tea or anything warm. The warmth from the drink will definitely calm your senses and ultimately relax you. Benguet is known for its high-quality Arabica coffee, you can find great coffee at local cafes such as Cafe Yagam.

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  • Be one with nature

Disconnect to reconnect; lay off the internet for a while and find yourself in the midst of nature. Baguio City as the City of Pines allows you to reconnect with nature at notable places like Camp John Hay, Botanical Garden, and Pine Trees of the World park. Get in touch with nature and later you’ll find yourself too.

  • Visit a sanctuary

A sanctuary is a place where one feels safe and at peace. The importance of finding peace especially during Holy Week is to contemplate on your sins and how to emerge as a better person. Baguio City is filled with places that are fit for reflection.

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  • Pray in solitude

Prayer is the most powerful form of communication and a lot of people prefer to pray in silent areas in order to fully focus. The City of Pines has plenty of areas for meditation however the best places include churches. Pink Sisters Convent and Holy Family Chuch are some examples.

sunset baguio city guide

What are your ways to achieve peace and quiet here in the City of Pines this Holy Week?

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