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Drive Around Baguio City March 15, 2020

Watch our Drive around Baguio on March 15, 2020

We drove around Baguio City yesterday, which was the first day of the enforcement of the COVID-19 heightened prevention and response measures by the city government of Baguio, and this is what we captured throughout the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not to encourage tourists to go to Baguio City. Instead, it is to show the situation of Baguio after the intensified campaign and efforts of the city government were implemented. (Re:…)

Note that we are one with the government of Baguio in their request for tourists to postpone their trip to the city of Pines in the meantime while we all fight the COVID-19 menace.

Stay safe everyone!

Missing Baguio? No need to come here during a community quarantine. Instead, stay safe in the comfort of your homes and we will bring Baguio to your screens. We have prepared different video tours that you can watch on our YouTube channel:


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