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COMELEC: March 9 to 11, Special Registration for Women and Girls in Baguio City

Today (Tuesday), March 9, 2021, the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and the Public Information Office of the City of Baguio (PIO Baguio) announced that the Commission on Election (COMELEC) has set March 9 to 11, 2021 as a special registration for women and girls in Baguio City.

Screenshot Source: Public Information Office – City of Baguio| Facebook Page

According to the PIA’s report, Baguio Election Officer Atty. John Paul Martin stated that the “COMELEC has made this arrangement as an indulgence to women and girls in celebration of March as the National Women’s Month and March 8 as the International Women’s Day.”

Special Gifts to Ladies who will Register

Source” Comelec Baguio| Facebook/ Philippine Information Agency

Both the Comelec Baguio Facebook account and the Philippine Information Agency featured the photo above which mentions “Special Registration for Women and Girls March 10, 2021”.

Other than the photo, the Comelec Baguio also added to its caption, “Come and Register on March 10, 2021! Special Gifts will be given to Ladies who will register early on that day!”

Then the PIA has recently reported that on the said date, women clients who will register or avail of services at the COMELEC-Baguio will be receiving tokens. “The first 15 women clients will get succulent plants or face shields or until supplies last,” stated the information agency.

Moreover, with the aim to promote Women’s Month celebration, a photo booth which can be used by their clients will also be set up.

Baguio City has More Women Voters than Men

According to the Philippine News Agency (PNA), a newswire service of the Philippine government, Baguio Election Officer Atty. John Paul Martin said that there are 144,304 registered voters in Baguio and 79,883 of them are women.

“We have more women voters than men but the disparity lies with women in politics, that is why we encourage more women to run and serve,” Martin also said as reported by the PIA.


Calendar of Activities for this Year’s Women’s Month Celebration in Baguio City

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