Bracing for Health: The 8 Surprising Benefits of Cold Showers

With the cool temperature blanketing Baguio City due to the Amihan or Northeast Monsoon, the choice between braving a cold shower in the morning or reaching for the water heater often leans towards the warmer option. However, as chilly as it sounds, cold showers shouldn’t be hastily dismissed, especially considering their potential health benefits. Let’s explore what science says about taking cold showers, even when the air is already brisk with the Amihan’s touch.

Reduced Sickness Absence:

A study in “PLOS One” revealed that routine cold showers might lead to less self-reported sickness absence. This finding is particularly relevant in the colder climate of Baguio, suggesting a possible immune-boosting effect of cold showers​​.

Potential Mental Health Benefits:

Research indicates that cold showers could help alleviate symptoms of depression. While this benefit is still being explored, it’s a compelling reason to consider a cold start to the day​​.

Improved Circulation:

The theory here is that cold water can stimulate blood circulation as the body works to maintain its core temperature. This physiological response might be more pronounced in a cooler climate like Baguio’s.

Enhanced Alertness:

The immediate, invigorating effect of cold water is known to increase oxygen intake and heart rate, leading to greater alertness – a much-needed boost on cold Baguio mornings.

Possible Immune System Boost:

Though still under research, early studies suggest cold showers might stimulate the immune system – a welcome benefit during the colder months.

Recovery After Exercise:

For athletes in Baguio, cold showers can be an effective way to aid muscle recovery after training sessions, especially in the cooler climate.

Skin and Hair Health:

The belief that cold water improves skin and hair health by tightening pores and cuticles might be more appealing in a cooler setting, where hot water can excessively dry out the skin and hair.

Energy Boost:

The energy surge often reported after a cold shower could be a pleasant counter to the chill of the Amihan, providing a natural and refreshing start to the day.


In the context of Baguio City’s cooler climate, the idea of taking a cold shower might seem less appealing. However, the potential health benefits, ranging from reduced sickness absence to possibly boosted immunity, make it a practice worth considering. As with any health regimen, it’s important to take personal health conditions into account and to consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice. Whether you’re facing the cool winds of the Amihan or simply looking for a health boost, cold showers offer a fascinating and invigorating option to explore. Remember, while some benefits have research backing, others are based on anecdotal evidence or traditional beliefs, highlighting the need for further scientific exploration.


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