Christmas Season has come. It’s the time of the year that is full of joy, giving and loving. One of the things people love to do during Christmas is putting up decorations such as colorful lights, Christmas Tree and stars. Also, food will be present during Noche Buena, one of the times where families gather and celebrate Christmas together. Other activities are watching the fireworks display, caroling, and the most-awaited and exciting part is the opening of gifts. 

Ready to Receive or Give a Gift this Christmas?

What was the most memorable Christmas gift you have received? Was it the book you’ve been wanting to buy ever since it was published or the pair of earrings you’ve been dreaming to add in your collection of jewelry.How about the most memorable Christmas gift you gave and who received that gift? I’m pretty sure that gift is one of a kind and was received by someone special. 

When it comes to gifts whatever the price and brand as long as it was given to you with sincerity and love it will surely be priceless.

Locations in Baguio City Where You Can Buy Christmas Gift

Baguio City has a lot of stores where you can buy gifts for Christmas. You will surely not return home empty-handed with all the tempting gift items being sold in some areas here in the city. If you want to buy a unique gift for Christmas, these are some of the locations that you might want to check out. 

Tam-awan Village

Located at Pinsao Proper, you will not only have the chance to see a village that resembles the traditional Cordillera Village but here you can also buy gift items for Christmas. 

Portrait Sketch

For a personalized gift, Tam-awan village has a sketching area where you can have a portrait sketching. This can be a gift for your friend or for yourself. 

Here are the prices:

Rough Sketch (on the spot and based on photo)

  • Php 200.00
  • 15-20 minutes

Rough Colored (based on photo)

  • Php 300.00
  • 1 day

Fine Sketch (based on photo)

  • Php 450.00 
  • 1 day

Fine Colored (based on photo)

  • Php 600.00
  • 1 day

Gift Shop

Just beside the sketching area is the Craft Shop. While waiting for your portrait to be done you can check out what’s inside the store. I was able to buy one gift item here, a choker made with Inabel Cloth and beads that is worth Php 160.00. 

Easter Weaving Room

When you are planning to buy Cordilleran inspired products, Easter Weaving has products that you will surely love. What makes this place interesting is you will be welcomed by the weaving area where you can see the weaving process. The store is located along Easter Road, Guisad. Here are some of the products I bought during my visit:

Scarf and Bonnet

It’s best to wear something to warm you up here in Baguio especially from November to February and at Easter Weaving, you can buy knitted scarf and bonnet. The scarf is worth Php 250.00 and with Php 240.00 you can have your own bonnet. There are more designs of knitted products that you can choose from. 


If you know someone fond of collecting wooden crafts, one of the products at Easter Weaving Room is chopstick and you can buy this for him or her as a gift for Christmas. This wooden chopstick is worth Php 120.00 and it comes with a case. 


For Cordilleran inspired earrings, you can buy a pair that is worth Php 105.00. This earring can be added to your collections.

House of Yogurt Lover (HOY)

Products that are displayed at House of Yogurt Lover are from different manufactures around Cordillera. HOY is located at Aspiras-Palispis Highway, you can have your stop here to buy gifts for Christmas. The products you can buy here as gifts are locally made bags, jewelry and more.


I bought a pair of earrings that are made of pine needles with a very affordable price of Php 105.00 only. 

Supporting Local Products

For Christmas gift ideas, locally made products are one of the best gifts to buy. It will not only remind them of Baguio or Cordillera but it’s a way to support local producers and manufacturers. Local products are not left behind when it comes to quality and design. Buying our own is a way to let others know about it, not just locally but globally.

Ready to Shop Gifts for Christmas?

Now that you have an idea where to buy, set the best time to shop for Christmas gifts for your loved ones. There are more locations where you can check out amazing gifts and you might discover these places when you tour around the city. 

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