Bicycle, Appliance Supply & Repair Shops, Textile Stores allowed to operate starting May 4, 2020

Through Executive Order No. 86, series of 2020, Mayor Benjamin Magalong is allowing bicycle supply and repair shops, textile supply stores, and electrical appliance supply and repair shops to operate in the city during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) period.

Conditions for operation of said establishments

Starting May 4, 2020, the type of establishments mentioned above will be allowed to operate every Monday and Wednesday of the week for the duration of the ECQ in Baguio City until further notice.


  1. Operating Hours should be from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM only.
  2. Establishments must implement:
    • social distancing measures
    • strict hygiene and health standards
    • only essential and skeletal employees must be made to report for work

On the operation of Bicycle Supply & Repair Shops

According to the EO, bicycle supply and repair shopes will be allowed to open for the duration of the extended ECQ since some residents and frontliners use their bicycles as a means of transportation because public transport have been suspended.

On the operation of Textile Supply Stores

On the other hand, textile supply stores are needed to sustain materials needed for the creation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for our frontliners and face masks which are mandatory for everyone who goes to public places.

On the operation of Electrical Appliance Supply & Repair Shops

The EO also stated the importance of opening electrical appliance supply and repair shops because people have been staying at home for the duration of the ECQ, which requires the need to use appliances to accomplish daily household chores.


SOURCE: Public Information Office – Baguio

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