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Local entrepreneurs and their businesses rarely get the recognition that they duly deserve such as a simple appreciation for giving their customers access to quality products and services or for putting up their very helpful businesses in the city. 

These entrepreneurs have invested a lot more than money to put up their businesses. They have devoted their time, effort, and passion to be able to successfully maintain and grow what they have started. 

And as inspiring local entrepreneurs with engaging businesses that continue to make a difference, Baguio City Guide highly believes that the exceptional works, innovations, authenticity, flavors and recipes that they showcased should be given the acknowledgment that they rightfully deserve. 

Hence, Baguio City Guide came up with the first-ever Best of Baguio to give recognition to the most outstanding entrepreneurs and businesses in Baguio City.

Everyone can nominate their chosen business/businesses here Best of Baguio Form. Watch out for further nomination and voting forms that will be posted at Baguio City Guide Facebook Page.

About Baguio City Guide

Baguio City Guide is a digital platform and an online directory helping tourists and locals here in the City of Pines. It is under Zymph Business Solutions Inc., a growing company dedicated to providing digital products and services, Public Relations services, and Idea Development and Incubation that could help brands and businesses gain more exposure to help them achieve their goals.

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