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Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Inc Certified Member of the IFEA

Fresh air, cool breeze, and plenty of activities! That’s Baguio City, making it one of the top places to visit especially on a long vacation. You’ll never get bored because either you are looking for something daring and adventurous or peaceful and mellow, you’ll find a destination for you.

Burnham Park



Starting off with the most iconic park in the city is Burnham Park. Located at the heart of the city, the park is a center for activities and views. Since it is also a few steps away from Session Road, visitors will find a quiet place to relax and take a deep breath without going away from the happy buzz of the city.

Side Trip: Bring out your inner bookworm and visit the Baguio City Library. The place is also a peaceful place to sit back, relax, and read a book.

Camp John Hay


Historic yet modern is the Camp John Hay, once a recreational center for American soldiers and now a modern scene filled with exciting activities. Camp John Hay activities include trekking at scenic nature trails, shopping at Ayala Technohub, dine at proudly Baguio restaurants and much more.

Side Trip: Treetop Adventure! Fly above the tall pine trees of Camp John Hay with the Treetop Adventure rides. Not for the weak of heart but the rides are most exciting especially when shared with friends and family.

The Mansion House


The Mansion House is one of the most visited places in the City of Pines, its elegant structure and it being an official residence of the President of the Philippines makes it a must-visit for every tourist. The Mansion House sits across a fountain and surrounded by the tall pine trees.

Side Trip: Amare La Cucina is just minutes away from the Mansion House, perfect for a nice pizza break from sightseeing around Baguio City. Their pizza is made the old fashion way and can be made extra special because you can customize your own pizza!

Mines View Park


Mines View Park offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful Cordillera mountain ridges and mines, definitely a perfect place for a selfie or a groupie. Aside from that, visitors can also purchase souvenirs around the observation deck of Mines View Park.

Side Trip: Kiwi’s Bread and Pastry Shop is just around the corner of Mines View Park, taste artisan bread and pastries at this quaint cafe. One of their specialties includes the Kiwi Cheesecake.

Baguio Museum


The “Three Witches” Carving found at the Baguio Museum

More than just a place for fun and recreation, Baguio City is a gem for history buffs because of the historic landmarks like the Baguio Museum. The museum showcases photographs of vintage Baguio and traditional wear of the natives tribes of the Cordillera.

Side Trip: Get your doughnut fix at Krispy Kreme which is a few minutes away from the Baguio Museum. Taste the Double Chocolate Strawberry Cake, an exclusive doughnut flavor only available at Krispy Kreme’s Baguio branch.

BenCab Museum


Check out the cool and mesmerizing artworks of National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera at the BenCab Museum. The museum not only features the National Artist’s notable galleries but also other Filipino artists. The museum is also away from the city thus you can find an amazing view of verdant mountains from the balcony.

Side Trip: Just a few minutes from the BenCab Museum is the Asin Hot Springs and other mountain resorts perfect for relaxing and quality family town.

Botanical Garden


The newly-renovated Botanical Garden now offers a lot more views inspired Asian countries like Japan, China, and Korea. Visitors can now enjoy taking nature photos, strolling, and relaxing in the garden.

Side Trip: Adjacent the Botanical Garden is Pilak Silver shoppe where you can find intricate jewellery best for souvenirs. Fun fact is that the silver off the jewellery comes from the mines of Benguet.

Wright Park


A trip to Baguio is incomplete without saying hello to the horses at Wright Park. The park is just a few steps away from the Mansion House. The horses are very friendly and colorful too to fit your style and can definitely give a smile to anyone.

Side Trip: Across this park is the Ketchup Food Community, a group of local restaurants with international cuisines. Take on a foodie adventure at Ketchup Food Community.

Baguio Cathedral


The Baguio Cathedral or the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral is the most photographed destination in the city. Its high ceiling and serenading choir are just some of the reasons to fall in love with this historic place.

Side Trip: After a solemn visit to the Baguio Cathedral, time for a stroll at the iconic Session Road. Like a treasure hunt, you’ll never know what gem you’ll find at the colorful and vibrant Session Road.

Philippine Military Academy

Philippine-Military-Academy (1)

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) is a destination on its own because of the talented soldiers who present their exhibitions at certain times. At PMA, you can also find vintage aircraft and machinery displayed.

Side Trip: Interested about the PMA history? Then check out the PMA Museum. In exchange for a few pesos, you can see an in-depth background about PMA and the Philippines.

Tam-Awan Village


Traditional Cordillera Dance at Tam-Awan Village

Tam-Awan Village located along Pinsao Proper is one of the must-visit places in the City of Pines. The village is filled with a unique variety of Cordilleran art and craftsmanship. The village is inspirational because it depicts the blend of man-made art and the natural beauty of Mother Nature. You can also watch and learn about Cordillera dances at Tam-Awan Village.

Side Trip: Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant is just minutes away from the Tam-Awan Village. The restaurant serves authentic Cordilleran cuisine, the mouthwatering dishes are also affordable. Truly a great way to top off a Baguio adventure.

Here are just some of the places you can visit in Baguio City together with side trips to maximize your adventure. Add to our list! You can add your recommendations in the comments below.


Panagbenga or the Flower Festival is one of the most awaited events here in the City of Pines. The vibrant festival of the Cordillera sprung from just a simple idea and bloomed into an annual event that continues to wow the visitors and locals of the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Now on another year of the beloved festival, it has caught the attention of the renowned award-giving body which is the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA).


First In The Philippines

Certified as an official member of the international organization on January 26, 2016, the Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Inc. is the very first in the Philippines and third in Asia to be awarded this privilege. The IFEA is created to encourage, support, learn from and recognize the various festivals and around the world. Festivals and events play a big part in cities or towns because it showcases their unique personality and culture, thus, the IFEA supports local festivities.


More Than Just A Title

This special certification is a great opportunity not only for the Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Inc. but also for Baguio City as a whole because it can attract a wider audience to recognize and appreciate the natural beauty of the flowers and the talents behind the colorful festival. Being an official member of the IFEA is not only for fame but it has a lot of benefits such as Education where member’s skills are sharpened through the IFEA’s webinars or online seminars. Recognition, Financial Assistance, and Discounts to  IFEA Programs, Conventions, & Resources.

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