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Baguio City taxpayers granted tax amnesty by city council

The Baguio City council has approved in its third and final reading the granting of tax amnesty or relief to taxpayers in Baguio city. After the approval by the Baguio City council, the ordinance was submitted to the office of the City Mayor for approval.

According to the approved ordinance, the amnesty shall cover the taxes that were not settled by taxpayers on their scheduled payment period up to 2021. With regards to the computation of the tax amnesty, the penalties shall be computed from the time they became due if they were not settled within the prescribed period.

The tax amnesty ordinance is in response to the clamor of taxpayers in the City of Baguio especially businesses in order to keep them afloat. It is one of the many ways the local government can help taxpayers during this time of pandemic. In 2020, a similar tax relief ordinance.

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