SLU Glee Club (photo grabbed from SLU Glee Club's Facebook page)
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Interkultur names SLU Glee Club among Top Choirs in the World

SLU Glee Club (photo grabbed from SLU Glee Club's Facebook page)

SLU Glee Club (photo grabbed from SLU Glee Club’s Facebook page)

Interkultur, a world-renowned organization who aims to bring people together in peaceful competitions,  names Saint Louis University’s Glee Club as one of the top choirs in the world as of August 2016. 

Based on Interkultur’s Top 1000 World Rankings as of August 2016, the SLU Glee Club, spearheaded by conductor Normita Rio-Pablico, made it to the 20th spot with 1.127 points. The ranking of the choirs are arranged and based upon the 100-point system of the World Choir Games (Choir Olympics), a system of achievement and quality. Interkultur’s decision-makers include the World Choir Council, also dubbed as the “United Nations of choral singing” and is made up of choral experts from 80 countries. slu-glee-club-baguio-city-guide

The Saint Louis University Glee Club has been actively joining and winning national and international choral competitions, including the most recent International A Capella Championships held in Singapore last month. Eight of the club members joined as “Pinopela” and went home as the overall champion, with solo awards such as the Most Impressive Soloist Award and gold in the looping category. Kudos to Baguio City’s pride, the SLU Glee Club!

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