Baguio City Accepts P169M BCC Rehabilitation Project

Baguio City Accepts P169M BCC Rehabilitation Project

The BCC Rehabilitation Project

Just last week, the City of Baguio has accepted the One Hundred and Sixty-Nine Million Pesos (Php 169-million) Baguio Convention Center (BCC) rehabilitation project. This has been announced by the Public Information Office – City of Baguio today, May 16, 2020.

According to City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña the city’s formal acceptance only covers works inside the structure. Thus, there are still ongoing works outside the structure which amounts to Fifty Million Pesos (Php 50-million) and yet to be evaluated.

Maximize the Income-Generating Potential of BCC

The city had already been receiving numerous inquiries regarding the BCC’s availability for upcoming functions and conventions, as claimed by Dela Peña. Thus, the city is closely coordinating with DPWH-CAR to fast-track the completion of the project.

Moreover, the City Administrator has also said that it is important for the city to maximize the income-generating potential of the BCC. This is to address maintenance and future improvement of the city’s premier convention facility.

Ordinance Authorizing the City to Collect Fees

City Administrator Dela Peña has also revealed an updated manual of operations for the Baguio Convention Center which was already forwarded to the City Council. This is for the passage of an ordinance authorizing the city to collect fees for the use of the facility. However, this ordinance for the manual of operations is still being polished by the City Council.

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