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5 Things That Will Make Your Azalea Residences Baguio Stay a Truly #FamilyFun Experience

The most important thing that we put into consideration every time we travel with our family is everyone’s comfort and enjoyment. We make sure that everything is settled – from our baggage, food, transportation up to accommodation.

And Baguio City, being one of the most visited places in the Philippines, has everything covered for you. So if you really want to have a family fun experience in Baguio City, Azalea Residences is the one for you.

Let’s go over the things that makes it the best place for you to stay when in Baguio.

1. A Family room that will make you feel at home

The Family Room of Azalea Residences is more than just a space for you to stay in. It is a place where you will feel like home. Because aside from its helpful amenities, the scenic view you see from the balcony will affirm that you made the right choice to stay there. You can even sit down and just relax with your family while looking at a beautiful sunset from there.

Also, the room can accommodate 5 to 6 persons and is actually child-friendly. They have beds for everyone and even television channels for children to choose from.

2. You’ll always find comfort at Tradisyon.

Another awesome thing that you’ll find in Azalea Residences is Tradisyon. It is a restaurant that specially prepares both local and international cuisines sought after by diners.

However, the most notable characteristic of this place is not only good service but its nature of being a place where you can bring anyone or any group in any occasion.

3. A playground for the children

Azalea Residences is truly a place for the whole family. It doesn’t only focus on giving you a room to stay in. Aside from this, they have specially made a playground for children to enjoy. 



4. Service with love

When in Azalea, you won’t feel like you’re actually far from home because of their people. They will serve you love and assurance that will give you the greatest comfort. And because of this, you will not need to worry about your family not having a homey feel at the hotel.

5. Location at its best

Your family will surely be able to enjoy your vacation when you stay at Azalea because it is perfectly located near the city’s central district as well as some of the main tourist attractions in Baguio. This will enable you to maximize your time as you visit different locations. But best thing about this is that at the end of the day, you will be able to rest after a tiring but fun day with your family.

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