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4K Morning Drive at the Baguio Central Business District

In this Baguio City Drive video, we are going to start our drive at 7:00 AM going around the central business district of Baguio City. We will be driving to Abanao Street, Session Road, General Luna Road, Harrison Road, Magsaysay Avenue, South Drive, Outlook Drive, Leonardwood Road among others.

We hope that you will enjoy this drive.

Watch the Morning Drive

Music Playlist
1. Way Back When – Gamma Skies, Jennifer Holm
2. Lines in the Sand – Victor Lundberg ft. Leone
3. Carry You Home – Akerman
4. Know Me – Las Lunas, Frigga
5. I Want You Now – Loving Caliber, Sarah Pumphrey
6. When the Sparks Fly – Christopher Malley ft. Jonathan Jarneek
7. A Better One – Nickolas Jones, August Macke
8. Between the Sun and the Deep Blue Sea – Katharine Appleton ft. Maja Norming
9. Crazy for Love (Tribute Version) – Mondays, Hanna Stone
10. Signs and Rules – Akerman ft. Dag Lundberg

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