250 Pesos Ukay-Ukay Challenge in Baguio City

Who said you can only rock your outfit with branded and labeled clothes? OOTD or Outfit Of The Day is a big deal for some that spending much for a pair or more is not a big deal for them. But,  there is a way on how to look fab and glam without spending much and I can prove it to you on how to do it. I just did a 250 pesos challenge and guess what? You might be shocked because I just bought 8 clothes out of it. So how did it happen?

Ukay-Ukay in Baguio City

Ever familiar with the word Ukay-ukay? Wagwagan? Or Thrift Shop? These three words might not look connected with each other but they actually have the same meaning. It is where you can buy second-hand clothes such as shirts, pants, skirts, coats, caps/bonnets, jackets and many more.  Not only clothes are present in the Ukay-Ukay you can also have the chance to buy bags and shoes there and I’m telling you they have lots of good looking displays but expect that these are not brand new, you’re lucky if the price tag is still there because some still have.

250-Pesos Ukay Challenge

Here in the City of Pines, it’s known for having lots of Ukay-ukay store.  Having a 250 pesos budget, I chose to go to Block 3 at Hill Top for I heard that there are lots of good choices there and they offer a good price.  Entering the place, you will be greeted by lots of displays already in the entrance with inviting price tags. The written price tags are 10 pesos, 30 pesos, 50 pesos and only a few are worth a hundred or more.  I suggest you should look around first before deciding what to buy. So that’s what I did first, I look and check what is available inside with that I have an idea on how to budget my 250 pesos.

Make sure that if you are going to Ukay-ukay stores, have patience and know how to bargain because some can still give you a discount. After looking around I was able to buy eight clothes and I was happy that I have picked the right clothes. Here are the photos of the outfits. 

This black top cost 30 pesos.
This bonnet cost 40 pesos.
This denim skirt originally cost 60 pesos but I was able to bargain it to 50 pesos .
The coat cost 60 pesos.

250-Peso Ukay Challenge: Success or Fail?

There you have it, this proves that you can make your OOTD standout by not spending much of your money. You can achieve it by having patience and just be good at choosing quality-wise second-hand clothes at Ukay-Ukay. There are lots of other Ukay-Ukay stores here in Baguio City that you can visit and check anytime you are free.  If you are having budget problems, Ukay-Ukay is the best place recommended for you. There is no harm in buying at Ukay-Ukay as long as you love doing it and you are spending just the right amount.

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