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11 Reasons Why Baguio City is the Perfect Place to Study

More than a tourist destination, Baguio City is also a haven for those who seek education. Every year, Baguio is not only visited by tourists but it is also home to students as they pursue their goal of earning a degree. Several schools and universities provide quality education to every student. But apart from that, here are 11 reasons why Baguio City is the perfect place to study. 

Baguio Provides a Cool Climate 


Baguio City’s cool climate makes it conducive for learning. The normal cool temperature that Baguio City is known for provides a comfortable avenue for students to learn. As students in Baguio do not have to worry about the heat, it gives them more headspace to focus on their studies. 

The Quiet and Peaceful Environment in Baguio City

Baguio City offers a quiet and peaceful environment that gives the students a place to concentrate and focus during times of intense study sessions. 

Baguio has an affordable cost of living

While Baguio City is considered to be a highly urbanized city. It has a relatively low cost of living compared to other major cities in the Philippines. This makes Baguio an affordable place to live and study. Another plus is since Baguio City, is  walkable city, most places are of walking distance from one another.

Baguio has educational institutions that provides high quality of education

Baguio city is home to many reputable schools and universities that offer excellent education opportunities. Some of the universities include the University of Baguio, University of the Cordilleras, and Saint Louis University among others. Many graduates of these universities go on to top their respective board exams. On top of that several universities in Baguio City are among the top performing schools in the Philippines. Beyond that, alumna of Baguio universities continue to excel in their respective fields.

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Baguio has a rich and diverse culture

Baguio is the melting pot of culture as people from the different parts of the Cordilleras and the country converge here to share their traditions and cultures. Making Baguio a perfect place to learn and experience other cultures. In doing so, it widens the students’ perspective and understanding. 

Baguio gives students access to nature

Baguio City has several green spaces and natural parks that helps with a persons’  improvement of their overall health and well-being. A hike at the Camp John Hay forest bathing trail or simply just sitting among the roses at the rose garden can help improve one’s mental health and focus which are important yet neglected factors that helps in the success of a student. 


Baguio has a diversified student population

Baguio being a melting pot of cultures from different parts of the world. It opens the opportunity for students to learn from people of other backgrounds. Such would widen the students’ knowledge and understanding and appreciate how diverse yet beautiful the world is. 

Baguio provides access to modern amenities

While Baguio City is relatively small in land area and population compared to the other major cities in the Philippines. The city still keeps itself at par when it comes to modern amenities. Internet speed in Baguio is constantly improving with about 3 or 4 different internet providers to choose from. 

Other modern amenities such as QR code payment systems at the public market and conveniences such as ride-hailing and food delivery apps. 

Baguio is developing its smart mobility project

While public transportation and mobility in Baguio City is not perfect , the city is doing its best to implement its plans on smart mobility. Mobility has improved and some of those improvements such as better walking paths and bike lanes are now being enjoyed by students, residents and tourists. The SMART mobility plan has yet a long way to go but it is already a start. 

Lots of Opportunities for Extra-curricular activities in Baguio City

Learning does not happen only within the confines of the four corners of a classroom. Opportunities for extra-curricular activities are important in enriching one’s knowledge and experience. Baguio City offers such activities, like hiking, biking or maybe a daily zumba at burnham park. Not to mention the city is also home to several martial arts gym, yoga and other health promoting activities. 

Baguio City provides access to affordable, good and healthy food 

Access to affordable and healthy food can be considered as one of the major reasons why the city is a good place to study. Superfood that are packed with nutrients are well within reach at the public market. With the city just proximate to the farms of Benguet, students will be able to purchase vegetables that will help them keep healthy as they go through their studies. 


Good food, good environment and great learning institutions are what makes a place conducive for studies. Baguio City provides such factors and more, making the City of Pines the best place to study. 

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