Why Pinoy BL Series Are Important When It Comes to Pressing Issues

These days, the Pinoy entertainment industry has been making waves in creating movies and shows under a relatively new niche: boys love. Proposing this genre a couple of decades back may give you some backlash and some comments that this is not fit for viewing, but the scene seems a bit different now especially when it comes to tackling pressing issues within the community. If you haven’t yet, try to watch Pinoy boy love series to help you understand where the fans are coming from. It may give you additional insights on why they seem to be passionate about these shows and what the rave is about in the first place.

It helps raise awareness to issues that were once considered taboo.

Some issues are oftentimes left unspoken because they were considered taboo. No one wants to talk about them because they may be deemed inappropriate or because they may be seen as a form of gossip. However, with the help of Pinoy BL series, people are now more open to talking about topics that were once left unspoken. In fact, a lot of these shows even revolve around pressing social issues that many people can relate to, such as bullying and discrimination.

These movies and series show that there is hope when you’re faced with difficult situations.

Pinoy BL series also show that there is still hope even when life seems to bring you the worst of situations. No matter how hard things may seem, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. This is an important lesson that many people can learn from, especially those who are currently facing a lot of challenges in their lives. Like they say, “This, too, shall pass.”

It helps people understand that love comes in different forms.

Love should not just be limited to the romantic sort of love, but also attributed to the platonic and familial types. As seen in a lot of BL series, love is not just about all the sweet nothings and the grand gestures that the couples show every other episode. It’s also about the smallest gestures that bind these people together.

These shows emphasize the importance of a good support system.

This is something that many people often take for granted, but it is actually one of the most important things that you need when you’re going through a tough time. These shows show that having a good group of friends or family members who will support you no matter what can make all the difference when it comes to the outcome of the story and the future of the characters involved.

These shows promote inclusivity and acceptance.

Pinoy BL series show that it’s okay to be different and that being attracted to the same gender is not something that you should be discriminated against. This is an important message that many people need to hear, especially those who are still struggling to come to terms with their own sexuality.

Moreover, these movies and series are important because they help break down barriers and promote understanding, especially among those who are not yet well-versed in the BL realm. After all, whether you’re a fan of the genre or not, it is important to be open-minded and to try to see things from different perspectives. You might just be surprised at what you learn.

They point out personalities, famous lines, and even antics that create our identity as a nation.

There are some BL shows which feature our very own Filipino culture, values, and traditions. If you watch these series, you might just better appreciate where you came from and the people who made you who you are today. Talk about having a common ground for everyone.

It gives rise to different initiatives that can jumpstart the fight against injustice.

While some of these shows may portray scenes that are too brutal or morbid to the audience’s liking, it can lead to more introspection because most of these not-so-feel-good situations the characters are pitted against are heavily based on reality. Thus, it can give you the chance to have a second look at how you see things in life.

It helps people become more comfortable with their own sexuality.

Some people are still struggling to come to terms with their own sexuality. By watching different BL series, they can find inspiration to become more comfortable with who they are and be more accepting of their potential and talents.

These series provide a lot of insights that we can directly relate to our lives.

Since BL series are known to appeal to our emotional side most of the time, it reflects on the different life lessons we encounter as we go through our own journey. It makes us realize that love is not just a feeling but an action, that we should be more careful with the words we use because it might just hurt the people we love the most, and that we should learn to love and accept ourselves first before we can fully love someone else.

It gives us a sense of how we’re doing as a generation to battle these pressing issues.

Aside from the different life lessons we’ve encountered, these series also made us realize how we’re currently progressing when it comes to dealing with difficult issues as a society. It makes us take a step back and introspect on what we can do to further improve ourselves and the world around us.

These shows give rise to discussions that will give us a hard look on where we should be heading.

Sometimes, these discussions can get quite heated. However, it is still important to have this type of exchange because it will help us better understand where we stand and what we can do to further improve the current situation.

When the issues are discussed, it gives more opportunities to connect with other people with brilliant ideas.

Since the topics being discussed are usually quite sensitive, it can be difficult to get started when it comes to tapping people who can help start the movement to raise awareness. However, when these discussions do happen, it gives us a chance to connect with other people who might have brilliant ideas on how to further improve the current situation.

It gives us a sense of how much work still needs to be done.

There are still a lot of people who are not yet comfortable with the idea of same-sex relationships. While the number of people who are accepting of this idea is slowly but surely increasing, there is still a long way to go and a lot of work to do.

It eliminates the denial that everything is okay; thus, we can begin working on concrete solutions.

Sometimes, the denial is so strong that it can be difficult to see the current situation for what it really is. However, when we watch these series, we might just be able to break through that barrier and see the current status of the LGBTQ people for what they really are–productive and valuable people of the society. From there, we can begin working on steps on how to move forward.

We might not be able to achieve equality overnight, but every little step counts. By watching these series, we might just be able to take one step closer to achieving equality. Even if not everyone is a fan of the BL genre, we should still be open-minded enough to at least give it a try. Who knows? You might just find a show that you’ll end up falling in love with.

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