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Why Am I Afraid to Get Close to People?

Human connection makes us feel understood. When you are close to somebody, it’s a beautiful feeling. But for some people, it’s not so easy to connect with others. There are many reasons why you may be fearful of sharing your deep dark feelings with somebody. Perhaps you have intimacy issues because of previous relationships where you were hurt. Maybe you have attachment problems that date back to your childhood. Here are some reasons why you may be fearful of getting close to others.

You were burned in the past

One common reason that you may be fearful of opening up is that others hurt you in the past. It’s natural to be scared to share who you are with people when you have been burned by other individuals. It’s crucial to validate these feelings because they’re real. It’s traumatic to become close to somebody and have them reject you. It probably took a lot for you to open up to the person who hurt you. Remember that being vulnerable takes courage. It’s crucial to remember that not everybody is going to hurt you. There are people who will respect and appreciate you and can find them. You can find the bravery to share your feelings again. That involves taking a leap of faith and trusting that there are individuals who want to get to know you.

You had attachment issues as a child

Attachment styles date back to childhood. Perhaps you had parents or guardians who were absent. The emotional absence of a caregiver can create attachment problems in adulthood. You may be scared to attach to others because it is unfamiliar to you. You’re used to interacting with detached people. You’re not sure how to be emotionally vulnerable because that was not modeled for you as a child. That doesn’t mean that you cannot learn. The more you practice opening up, the better you will become at forming intimate bonds with others. Your trauma does not define you. You can work past these issues with the help of mental health professional.



Some people struggle to open up to others because of their internal insecurities. It can be intimidating when you believe people will see your flaws. However, it’s crucial to remember that everybody has insecurities. Nobody is entirely confident, and if they say that they are, then they are faking it. Each person has things that they feel less than self-assured about. Sometimes, when you reveal insecurity, the person on the other end of that will feel safe enough to talk about their emotional vulnerabilities. You never know what will happen once you open up and are vulnerable with someone.

The benefits of emotional intimacy 

You can talk about emotional intimacy and relationships with a mental health professional. There are so many benefits to becoming close to others. You learn about yourself, you gain k knowledge from others, and you feel more connected to the world; it makes you feel confident about yourself when you are able to share who you are with other individuals.

If you’re struggling with intimacy, a licensed therapist can help you work through these concerns. Read more about it here. Whether you see someone online or in your local area, you can discuss any mental health issues you are struggling with and get the help that you need.


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