#WalangIwananLouisian Trends on Twitter as SLU Releases Latest Advisory

Saint Louis University released its latest advisory for the remaining parts of the 2nd Semester AY 2019-2020. It is because of these that students started to air their opinions and grievances through Twitter, which in turn made the hashtag #WalangIwananLouisian a top Philippine trend. As of this writing, the total number of tweets is 8,682 and still increasing. This explosion of tweets is an expression of some students’ disagreement with the advisory especially in the continuation of online learning modalities for the remaining parts of 2nd Semester AY 2019-2020. This also sparked an online petition and a twitter rally as a mode to let the voice of the students be heard. Here are some of the Tweets we have come across:  


Usernames and display pictures of personal accounts were blurred out for their privacy.

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  1. To my disappointment, as a concerned parent and due to this current situation l understand the difficulties each and every one of us are facing, l do feel the proposal of online classes is unfair for both the students and the parents. No. 1. The students. I’m sure apart from my daughter there would be many other students who do not have the luxury of efficient internet connection due to financial restraints, ECQ, etc. No.2 Due to this epidemic l no longer have employment or other means of livelihood and financial resources. I find it unacceptable and dissatisfied that the teachers will benefit financially from these online classes, where as the students will not benefit academically at the parents’ cost. I never agreed to such terms and conditions and disagree with the lack of quality education under your proposal of online classes. The only ones to benefit from this are SLU management and teachers. I hope the above will be taken into consideration.
    – Ian Harrison

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