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BCPO: Residents wearing shorts and sando not prohibited from entering public market

The Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) has released an advisory today saying that they do not prohibit people who are wearing shorts or sando from entering the public market.

Market-goers encouraged to cover most parts of their body

According to BCPO, they only urge residents going to the market to wear long sleeves, pants and shoes to help protect them from the risk of COVID-19 infection.

For concerns and clarifications, you may reach BCPO through the following numbers:

  • 09175758993 (GLOBE)
  • 09985987739 (SMART)
  • (074) 442-1211
  • (074) 442-7944
  • (074) 661-1471
  • (074) 422-9953

For other emergencies, COVID-19-related and barangay concerns, see the list of hotlines for Baguio City here

SOURCE: BCPO KapanaligKo Facebook Account

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