bamboo sanctuary baguio
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Bamboo Sanctuary Baguio Travel Guide

This Bamboo sanctuary in Baguio is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination in the City of Pines. The park is located at the St. Francis Xavier Seminary. The Bamboo Eco Park in Baguio showcases different types or species of Bamboos that are planted to line the eco-parks’ pathways. In this video, you will see how we got to the Bamboo eco-park, from our initial location at the boundary between La Trinidad and Baguio City. This video is a mix of the drive to the bamboo eco-park and walks around the bamboo eco-park itself. As always, we would like to provide you with a relaxing drive around Baguio City, only this time with a definite destination.

bamboo sanctuary baguio

The Bamboo eco-park in Baguio City is located at the St. Francis Xavier seminary. For first-timers, going there might be a challenge especially if you do not have Google maps. But with the help of Google maps, you will definitely be able to find your way to the bamboo eco-park.

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How to Go to the Kawayanan Bamboo Sanctuary in Baguio City

LOCATION: St. Francis Xavier Seminary Kawayanan Eco-Park
ADDRESS: Pacdal Liteng, Baguio, 2600 Benguet (

As part of the health and safety protocol, visitors are reminded to wear their facemasks and prior to logging in, handwashing is a must, not to worry, because wash areas are provided for at the entrance. After washing your hands, you may now log in, every member of your party must log in individually and have their temperature checked from the thermometer provided. How much is the entrance fee? During our visit, the management is only asking for donations, so any amount will do, but you should not abuse this by being stingy on your donation. Believe us when we tell you that a walk at the bamboo eco-park is worth more because the experience is truly revitalizing.

As always and similar to when you visit the different tourist attractions in Baguio City, please make sure that you leave the place better than when you found it. The Bamboo eco-park doesn’t have any security personnel to check on the visitors while inside the park. This is why, as visitors, we should also do our part in preserving this beautiful place by not damaging the bamboo and by not throwing garbage within the park. For those who cannot visit the Bamboo eco-park in Baguio due to travel restrictions, we made sure that this video will make you feel as if you are there. So enjoy the drive and walk with us to the Bamboo Eco-park here in Baguio City.

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