Hong Kong Sleeping Bus

This Hong Kong Tour is designed for you to sleep in the bus


Sleep, one thing that is elusive for some, especially for those who are living in a fast-paced city. Hong Kong is no stranger to this fast-paced life that many of its citizens are considering sleep as a luxury. In fact, some would sleep during their commute from home to work and vice versa. To help citizens with insomnia, or just give people the opportunity to sleep, a travel company has organized a 5-hour bus tour that encourages you to sleep as you travel.

Hong Kong’s First Bus Sleeping Tour

Ulu Travel has created the first Bus sleeping tour. They have designed the longest bus route in Hong Kong spanning 83 kilometers. To give everyone a restful ride, the bus has been divided into four cabin types namely:

  • “Zero-decibel Sleeping Business-Class Cabin” on the upper deck which is currently priced at HK$329
  • “VIP Panorama Cabin” on the upper deck is currently priced at HK$399
  • “Zero-decibel Sleeping Economy-Class Cabin” on the lower deck priced at HK$299
  • “Extra-legroom Cabin” on the lower deck (1-4pax) priced at HK$899

During the trip, the bus will go around Tuen Mun highway and North Lantau Island. As part of the experience, clients will be treated to a “Food Coma lunch”. There will be several checkpoints where you can go down and take photos or if you want to continue sleeping on the bus that is fine too. Just like any new concept, people usually ask, is this business concept going to work? Well, during its launch, tickets were immediately sold out.




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