This Filipino TikTok Christmas Ad is a Real Tearjerker, Watch It Here

Last month, November, Disney UK has officially unveiled a Filipino-themed, 2020 Christmas ad called “From Our Family to Yours”, and it has touched the heart of many Filipinos.

While Disney’s ad was about a granddaughter and her grandmother (lola); released just this December is TikTok’s Filipino Christmas ad that revolves around a granddaughter and her grandfather (lolo). And guess what, it is also a heartfelt, tearjerker.

This 2020, we have faced several adversities and challenges, including the global pandemic and the back-to-back typhoons that struck our country; even so, we can still look forward to this year’s Christmas and to the end of the year. This Christmas might not be as grand as the past years for many people, but it can serve a reminder for everyone to cherish every moment that we spend with our loved ones.

Set during the Christmas season, the ad started with Emily showing her lolo how to use TikTok, a video-sharing, social media platform. And the rest is for you to discover. Here’s TikTok’s Christmas 2020 ad, “Love Lives On TikTok”, for you to see firsthand:

“Merry Christmas in heaven, lolo.” Did that line get you too? Many of those who have already watched the one minute and thirty seconds film have shared some of their unforgettable memories with their lolo. You may also share yours with us in the comment section below.

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