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Things To Expect When You Retire In Baguio City

When you were in your prime, you did everything to reach that elusive dream. Day in and day out you worked to climb the ladder of success, not for glory nor for fame but you did it because you want to give your family, especially your children a comfortable life. Now that you have reached that golden age, now that you have provided for the needs of your family isn’t it also time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor? So it is time to retire, it is quite scary and exciting at the same time. Scary because you do not know what the future is in store for you, which also makes it quite exciting because now you can pursue some of the things that you weren’t able to do before, because you were just swamped with work. Although some of you might want to retire and live in your family home, some would prefer to invest in a home for them to get away and relax.

If you have decided to build a second home for your retirement, here’s five things to expect when you choose to spend your golden years in Baguio City.

    • Cool Weather– of course, if there is one thing that Baguio has is a cold weather. The City temperature range from 15-25 degrees celsius which can go even lower during the months of December to February. The kind of cool weather in Baguio city is just right for long walks or jog which can help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


    • Healthy Food Options– because Baguio City is adjacent to the “salad bowl” of the Philippines, the Baguio City market is just teeming with healthy fruits and vegetables and the best part about it is you can get them for a very affordable price. There are also a lot of organic shops that can provide organically grown fruits and vegetables and again they are sold for a very affordable price as compared to when you buy them in places far from the source.


    • Fitness City – There are several facilities in the city that can help you in your quest for a fit lifestyle, from gyms, running tracks and swimming pool. The best part though is jogging on a pine tree lined path at camp john hay or around the glistening waters of the Burnham lake.

why visit baguio january

    • Shinrin-yoku – this is a Japanese term which means “Forest Bathing”. Shirin-yoku has been studied in Japan and it is found to help in lowering blood pressure. In fact, in an NCIB research paper, it was shown that there was lower blood pressure for those who participated in forest bathing. In Baguio City, there are several forest eco-trails where you can conduct your regular Shinrin-yoku experience.


    • Great Real Estate options – access to the city has become easier with the TPLEX construction and road improvements leading to other parts of Luzon. This makes Baguio City a competitive place for real estate which means there are more real estate options available out there offering better amenities that will suit your lifestyle.

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Baguio City was first regarded by the Americans prior to the start of the second world war as a Health Mountain resort. Baguio became the place for wounded soldiers to recuperate. Such is a testament that Baguio City is indeed a good place to relax, recuperate and retire.

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