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5 Ways to Save Money When Furnishing a New Kitchen

While finally having one’s own kitchen is exciting for all new Filipino homeowners, it also takes effort and money to furnish an empty space. You likely need new appliances and furniture, such as a refrigerator, a stovetop, kitchen cabinets, and shelves to make your kitchen functional. And though you might have kept a few old kitchen tools from where you used to live, you’ve probably gotten rid of kitchenware and utensils that have seen better days.  

Because furnishing a new kitchen means extra expenses, it’s crucial to buy kitchen appliances, cookware, and furniture from a reliable store that offers great discounts for appliances for sale. This will help you save while obtaining quality kitchen equipment and accessories that you can use for years to come. 

To help you stick to your budget, here are five ways you can save money when furnishing a new kitchen. 

Check Online for Affordable Deals on Appliances 

As it is, you don’t need to go to actual stores to compare price tags on kitchen appliances. You can simply check online appliance stores to browse prices on different appliances and brands. When you take the time to look around, you’re bound to find the best deals. Many major appliance brands are also available online. And sometimes, they can be cheaper than appliances sold in kitchen showrooms. 

So, before you head out to buy a new refrigerator or microwave oven, be sure to check deals on online appliances stores. It’s also best to check if an online store offers discounts on products. Once you’ve found a trusted store that has what you need, make sure to check if the particular appliance is in stock. That way, you can move on to find a similar deal for a different brand or look for the same appliance from a different online seller. 

Ask for Older Appliance Models That Are Cheaper

When checking out wares from retailers, try looking around for older models that are less expensive. The latest models are usually more costly because they typically have more interesting features than previous models. A new model may also have a higher energy efficiency rating than an older model. In other cases, it could just be a minor update that you don’t need, or a design upgrade that doesn’t really have bearing on the products’ functionality. 

An example of an expensive new appliance with interesting features is a smart fridge that syncs to your mobile phone. It allows you to check what food is inside, even providing expiration dates on each food item. A smart fridge can also remind you to consume the food before it goes to waste. While this is a great feature, some people would rather spend money on an older fridge model that is energy efficient, looks stylish, and does its basic job of prolonging the lifespan of food items. It’s not as tech-savvy, but it’s definitely a lot more practical than an expensive smart fridge. 

If you don’t mind getting an older appliance model that fundamentally functions the same way, you’ll save more money on your appliance purchase.  

Consider Repurposing Used Shelves or Cabinets 

One way to save on storage fixtures is to look for used kitchen cabinets or shelves. If you have the time and the skills, you can repaint and install them to go well with your new kitchen’s layout and interior design. To find used cabinets, ask relatives and friends if they have old ones that they don’t mind giving away. Sometimes, a tita might have old shelves that you can repurpose as storage fixtures for your kitchen. 

Another way to save is to plan the number of cabinets and shelves you need. If you don’t have a lot of kitchenware and cooking tools that need storage, don’t get more cabinets that clutter your space. Having just a few strategically placed cabinets will make your kitchen functional and look more spacious.

Prioritize Purchasing the Kitchen Tools You Actually Need

While it might be tempting to get a lot of kitchen tools at once, you should focus on buying the basic tools you need. This ensures that you’re keeping to your budget while getting the tools that you know you’ll always end up using. The less important purchases can be made later. 

To help you prioritize your purchases, make a list of the basic tools your kitchen lacks. That way, you won’t purchase anything out of impulse. Basic kitchen tools typically include pots and pans, spoons, ladles, knives, and chopping boards. Perhaps, you also need a proper spice rack to organize your dried herbs and spices. And if you’re fond of baking, you should definitely get bowls, measuring cups, and basic bakeware. Just avoid buying things you don’t need or tools that you already have.

Keep Your Existing Kitchen Layout the Same 

When you’re just remodelling or upgrading an old kitchen, you might think it’s a good idea to change your current floor plan. For instance, you might choose to move the refrigerator to a corner and have a counter installed where the refrigerator was. While the change in floor plan might look appealing, sometimes, this might require updates on your kitchen’s electric sockets as well. That means additional costs for you to shoulder. 

If you’re moving your refrigerator or electric stove to a corner without a plug, an extension cord is usually not a good idea. Cords, when not placed properly, may become slipping hazards on your kitchen floor. Many of these accessories are also not rated to deliver the volume of electricity required to run power-hungry appliances like refrigerators, and so they could become fire hazards. As such, before you change your kitchen’s floor plan, consider any electric system updates you might need to make as well. 

These are just a few ways you can save when you’re furnishing a new kitchen. We hope the tips above help you stick to your budget, whether you’re furnishing a kitchen for a new house or you’re equipping a kitchen that has just been remodelled or updated.

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