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Swab Tests No Longer Required for Tourists Entering Baguio

UPDATE: Antigen Test is Again Required to Enter Baguio City

The City of Baguio has released new guidelines for tourists entering the city. It was stated that the city is now open to all tourists from the entire country and COVID-19 test requirements will no longer be required. However, tourists will have to schedule their travel in the city through Baguio VISITA, and triage upon arrival will be required.

This is effective today,  March 2, 2021 (Tuesday), and will be subject to revision when necessary.

Guidelines for Tourists Entering Baguio City

The following are the updated guidelines:

Create an account and register your travel at

  • Each person must register with an uploaded valid ID and a current photo.
  • Minors may use parent/guardian’s ID.
  • Entering travelers on official business, medical, returning residents, employees/workers, and students shall register at


The Complete Guide for travelers entering Baguio City

Proceed to triage for health declaration validation

  • Checkpoint border officers shall provide escort assistance to the designated triage. Present QTP to triage officers for updating of travel status.
  • No More COVID-19 Tests Required (some private tourist establishments and public transport provider may still require tests before entry/boarding, please verify with their respective offices)
  • Visitors found to be symptomatic will be referred to the nearest health facility.

Follow Existing minimum health & safety protocols

  • Visitors below 15 years of age may not be allowed in some private establishments, but when allowed, they must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Comply with tourist establishments and venues’ allowable maximum capacity.
  • Avoid enclosed and crowded areas.

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Source: Baguio Tourism Facebook Page

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