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Robinsons, SM bid over Baguio Public Market Development Plan

Two leading real estate development companies in the Philippines are offering to work on the master redevelopment plan of the Baguio City Public Market.

Baguio City Public Market Master Redevelopment Plan

The objective of this multi-billion project is to modernize the city’s public market which can be generally considered a huge part of the city’s ‘show window’.

According to Mayor Magalong, the most important factor in this project is the welfare of the existing vendors. He also assured that whichever company will be chosen to work on the plan, the vendors’ cooperative will be an active part of the PPP joint venture.

Architectural design approved through Resolution No. 39-2020

The approved architectural design was presented recently by the Technical Working Group led by Councilor Mylen Yaranon.

The design features a seven-story structure which includes two (2) underground floors for the following purposes:

  • to house vendors with provisions of parking
  • sewage treatment plant
  • materials recovery facility

The design also includes an open space compromising 30 percent of the area meant for alleys and parks.

Robinsons Land Corporation and SM Prime Holdings Inc.

These two companies bidding for the redevelopment plan are Robinsons Land Corporation and SM Prime Holdings Inc.

Last February 14, 2020, Bambie Andal presented the general plans for Robinsons. On the other hand, Vice President for Legal Ryan San Juan did the same for SM on February 17.

City Mayor Benjamin Magalong, Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan, and other city officials are were there during both presentations.

According to Mayor Magalong, offers of the two companies will be evaluated by the Baguio City’s Public-Private Partnership for the
People (LGU P4) selection committee subject to PPP rules.

Moreover, in order to pick the best offer as soon as possible, the mayor said that the city will speed up the evaluation process but will still follow the established procedure while avoiding any shortcuts.

In line with this, the mayor reiterated that bribery will not be tolerated in the selection of offers.

Aside from Robinsons and SM, Mayor Magalong has mentioned that two other big companies will present their proposals in the days to come.

1995 Development Plan with Uniwide

Back in 1995, a development plan for the city’s public market (supposedly to be headed by the city government and Uniwide Sales Realty and Resources Corporation) didn’t push through. The project was put on hold for 20 years due to lawsuits filed by vendors’ groups who opposed the project.

Still the project didn’t prosper even after the city and Uniwide won the cases because the corporation declared bankruptcy.

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