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Revisiting a Baguio Classic: Sizzling Plate Baguio

In a world that keeps on changing, we find solace in things that are constant.

Sizzling Plate Baguio is one such constant for a Baguio resident or for someone who is fond of visiting Baguio City. That cozy little steakhouse along session road with a cashiers booth near the entrance really brings back memories.

Way back when the restaurant first opened, life was not that complicated. Sure, eating at a restaurant before may be considered a luxury while today, for some, eating out is a necessity.

I can still remember the first time I entered this steakhouse, and no, it was not to feast on their mouth-watering sizzling steaks, no, it was to pickup an order of their famous sans rival.

Sizzling Plate Baguio Facade

The Original Location of Sizzling Plate Baguio at Session Road

For a Baguio resident like me, I would first remember Sizzling Plate for their Sans Rival- that light, airy, and buttery dessert and not their steaks. Well, at least not until I actually tried  to eat one of their dishes.

It’s been a long time since I last ate at Sizzling Plate. Upon entering their doors, you would get that familiar old vibe, tables on an elevated platform and a cashiers booth near the entrance. I thought going there at 11 in the morning for an early lunch would allow me to choose the seat that I like, usually by the window, however this is not going to happen as diners already were already flocking and all window side tables were already occupied.

Inside Sizzling Plate Baguio

Inside Sizzling Plate Baguio tables by the windows were already occupied.

Sizzling Plate Baguio Menu

No matter, I came here to satisfy our craving for meats sizzling on a hot plate. For someone who has dined at this restaurant, you will realize that there is a process that you will be able to see if you observe long enough. First, you will be given the menu. Ah, the menu, aside from the now bigger and laminated menu, there is very little change on the dishes you can choose from. The best part is, they still have my favorites on the the menu, the Salisbury steak, Porterhouse, and the porkchop.
Menu Sizzling Plate

Porterhouse Steak

The Porterhouse Steak at Sizzling Plate Baguio

Today, I have a craving for that beef patty goodness dubbed as the Salisbury steak, the very first dish I ordered from this restaurant and among the cheapest of their beef or steak dishes.

After ordering, the waiter will set up your table with paper placemats and provide you with the utensils that you need, a fork, spoon and of course a steak knife. Next, a bowl of their house soup, which is free by the way, will be served. It will not be the best soup you will ever taste, but it will do to prepare your tummy for a steak dish.

Sizzling Plate Drinks

Drinks will be served next almost simultaneous with your soup. I like that they still have my go-to drink at this restaurant, a bottle of Cali, a non-alcoholic drink that resembles a beer but instead of bitter it is more on the sweet side. Yes, this restaurant still serve Cali in a bottle unlike the newer “in-can” version.

Cali at Sizzling Plate Baguio

The Cali in a Bottle

And now for the main event, you will hear your order as it comes out of the kitchen and to your table through the symphony of sizzles, not to mention, the smoke coming from the very hot plate. But the sizzle doesn’t end there.

Gravy Pour at Sizzling Plate Baguio

The Gravy Pour on a Ribeye at Sizzling Plate Baguio

Once your order is placed on your table, you will be provided with a container full of their house gravy. Pouring the gravy on to your steak on a hot plate will make an even louder sizzling sound. Just be careful to not get some gravy splatters on your clothes.

Salisbury Steak

The Salisbury Steak

After devouring the Salisbury steak, of course, we’re not done yet. For a Baguio resident who also fell in love with this restaurant, a meal is not complete at Sizzling plate without their signature Sans Rival.

The Sans Rival at Sizzling Plate Baguio

The legendary sans rival at Sizzling Plate Baguio

Of course, you don’t have to order one, but I feel, I must, as a slice of this light, airy and buttery goodness is my way of paying homage to one of the constants of Baguio City, a place I could find comfort that is originally Baguio.


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