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How to Become a PNPA Cadet 2023: Online Application Guide

Applying for the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) can be a rigorous process, but the rewards are worth the effort. The PNPA is the premier institution that molds young men and women to become leaders of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), and Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

What is the PNPACAT?

The PNPA Cadetship Program is a prestigious scholarship program that is offered annually by the Philippine National Police Academy. This program provides qualified applicants with the opportunity to pursue a four-year Bachelor of Science in Public Safety (BSPS) degree. To apply for the program, candidates must first pass the PNPA Cadet Admission Test (PNPACAT), which is the initial step towards becoming part of the long maroon line. By passing this exam, you can pave the way for a fulfilling career in public safety and service.

Here are the steps on how to apply for the PNPA:

Step 1: Meet the Qualifications

  1. Natural-born Filipino Citizen;
  2. Must be 18-22 years old before June 1, 2024;
  3. At least a Senior High School (SHS) Graduate and/or has satisfactorily complied with all the requirements for graduation before July 30, 2024;
  4. Single and has never been married nor pregnant (for females) nor has a legal obligation to support a child or children;
  5. Minimum barefoot height of 5’2” (157.47 cm) for males and 5’0” (152.40 cm) for females;
  6. Must have a NORMAL BMI (corresponding to age, height, weight and gender);

  7. Physically and mentally fit to undergo rigorous training;
  8. With good moral character (must not have been convicted of any criminal, administrative or civil case);
  9. No pending complaint and/or case involving moral turpitude or crimes against the state;
  10. Must not be a former cadet of PNPA or other service academies; and
  11. Never been dismissed from any private employment or government position for cause.

Note: All possible questions relative to this may be answered if the post is carefully read and understood. These requirements cannot be waived or adjusted for conformity. Do not apply if you are not qualified.

Step 2: Secure the Requirements

Before registering online, make sure you have the different requirements so can go through the process with ease. Here are the things you will need to prepare before registering for the PNPACAT:

  • A desktop/laptop computer, tablet or a smartphone with good internet connection.
  • Scanned copies of the following:
    • PSA Birth Certificate (front page only and must CLEARLY show your full name, birthdate, mother and father’s name);
    • Passport-sized OR 2×2 picture (white background);
    • Accomplished BMI Form (to be accomplished by a LICENSED PHYSICIAN ONLY, government or private). Your BMI MUST NOT EXCEED 28.0 (Obese 1).

Step 3: Register Online

  1. Go to https://application.pnpa.edu.ph then click on “I Am A New Applicant
    Note: This applies to ALL applicants, regardless if you have been a previous applicant (previous applications has been removed from the system to decongest the PNPA database)
  2. You will then be redirected to the next page, carefully read the Privacy Notice and check the “I have read and understood this notice” to proceed.
  3. You will now go to the Qualifications and Prerequisites page, read carefully then click check the “I am QUALIFIED and would like to apply.” Click Continue.
  4. Enter your full name (make sure not to interchange your surname, middle name and first name, check carefully before clicking “Continue.”
  5. Enter your full address and to click “Continue.”
  6. Input your birthday and gender then click “Continue.” (This page will display an error prompt if the system detects that you are either overage or underage).

  7. Enter your account details (Email, password for your PNPA system account, confirm password, active cellphone number)

    (REMEMBER, as much as possible take note/screenshot and save THESE INPUTS, as these are the ones you will use in logging-in the system).
  8. Click “Continue” to see the summary of your input.
  9. Once you are certain of your inputs, click “Register.” Otherwise, click “Previous” to revise/correct any information (it helps to check thoroughly your inputs before clicking). You will then see a prompt on the screen if your registration is successful. You may then click “Continue to Form.
  10. If you clicked “Continue to Form,” you will be redirected to page that will require your educational background. Click “Continue.”
  11. Enter your Physical Profile Information (Height, Weight, BMI and other details) AS IS INDICATED on your accomplished BMI Form. Click “Continue.”
  12. Enter your contact details and click “Continue“. These details will be used to reach out to you regarding notices and other announcements.
  13. Enter your emergency contact details and click “Continue.” It is recommended to enter an immediate family member or guardian that is always reachable.
    We will use this information for any untoward incident during your application process should you qualify.
  14. Enter your indigenous peoples’ information. ONLY Select “YES” if you are a member of any indigenous tribe in the Philippines.
  15. Upload the SCANNED DOCUMENTS you have prepared.
  16. Upon uploading all your files and clicking “Continue“, you will be redirected.
  17. You will be presented with an Account Key (text in light red). Please copy or make a screenshot of this Key since it will be used to uniquely identify your account. At this point your application is finished.
  18. At this stage, your application is done, and the PNPA shall notify you in the future via your recorded contact information for the result and further instructions. You may also check https://application.pnpa.edu.ph/check/ for the status of your application using your account key.

Deadline of PNPA 2023 Application

PNPA will accept online applications for aspiring cadets from January 20,2023 until July 30, 2023. All applications are done online and no walk-in applications will be allowed.

Step 4: Take the PNPACAT

The PNPACAT is tentatively scheduled August 2023. The final PNPACAT schedule will be updated in this article once available. 34 testing centers will be available and will be provided as choices in your online application (active) sixty (60) days before the actual exam.

PNPACAT Exam Coverage

The coverage of the PNPACAT includes the following:

  1. Math:
    • Algebra
    • Worded Problems
    • Fractions
    • Percentage
    • Basic Trigonometry (non algorithms, non requirement for Calculator)
    • Geometry
  2. Science:
    • General Sciences
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
  3. Logical Reasoning:
    • Abstract
    • ‘Type 1’ questions (Set A / B / Neither; most common type of question in university and college admission test) Abstract Reasoning. …
    • ‘Type 2’ questions (Complete the Series) …
    • ‘Type 3’ questions (Complete the Statement) …
    • ‘Type 4’ questions (Set A or B )
  4. English:
    • Basic POS
    • Antonym
    • Synonym
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Tenses
    • Fill in the blanks
  5. Current Events, General Information and History
  6. Values and Service Ethics

Step 5: Pass the Physical and Medical Examination

Once you have passed the PNPACAT written exam, you will also undergo physical and medical examinations to check if you are mentally and physically fit to be part of the rigorous training should you become a part of BSPS Class 2028.

Joining the PNPA Cadetship Program is a great opportunity to serve your country and fellow Filipinos. It is also a chance to develop your skills and character as a future leader in law enforcement. If you have what it takes to be a police officer, apply now and take the first step towards fulfilling your dream.

SOURCE: PNPA Official Facebook Page

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