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PH Startup Makes Low-Cost Stylish “Tiny Houses” for Filipinos

“Tiny houses” is becoming popular among millennials so if you have ever dreamt of owning your very own tiny house as well, then do know that there is a Philippine startup that can make your dream come true for a low cost that starts at just eighty-nine thousand pesos (P89,000).

Cubo Modular is a modular engineered bamboo housing designer and manufacturer that is known for making small houses that can be assembled in just a matter of hours. The entrepreneurs behind Cubo Modular are Earl Patrick Forlales the CEO and  Zahra Halabisaz Zanjani the COO.

“Our local craftsmen used engineered bamboo as our main building material, then we employ a proprietary modular building system, housing system, that allows us to fabricate house in a matter of days and then assemble in a matter of hours,” said Forlales during a recent interview with the ANC. According to Forlales Cubo Modular is a sustainable and local modular housing solution.

“Our product is essentially our very own bahay kubo. We’re just upgrading it to become a 21st-century solution,” Forlales added.

“These houses are made by Filipino hands, and we take pride in that. So there really is a big demand…” Zanjani said in the same interview. “We want every Filipino to say that they live in a dignified home and it’s a place they can call their own.

Cubo House Can Withstand an Earthquake?

Wondering how durable the tiny houses build by Cubo Modular are? Well, the Cubo CEO has also shared a story to ANC about a unit they have built in Mandaluyong which was already tested by natural phenomena and was able to withstand an earthquake.

“Coincidentally, the day after the assembly of the first unit, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake happened last Christmas so it was tested right away. And it came out of that without a scratch, so the client was really happy to see that we deliver what we promise and that’s typhoon and earthquake proof home,” told Forlales.

You can watch the full interview with the entrepreneurs behind Cubo Modular, here:

Furthermore, on a feature made by Esquire Philippines, it was revealed that the price of the products of Cubo Modular range from as low as P89,000 to P499,000. Their Batanes Model, according to Forlales is their most compact house kit while their Sarangani Model is their largest model.

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