PH Among Top 20 Countries Tweeting About K-Pop, Twitter Data Reveals

Twitter has logged a global record of 6.7 billion K-pop related Tweets in 2020. This data has been revealed by Yeon Jeong Kim, the Head of Global Kpop Partnerships at Twitter on Thursday, February 4, 2021, through an official Twitter blog post.

“While 2020 changed the way that we enjoy many different types of entertainment, K-pop continued to be a worldwide cultural phenomenon and is one of the most global communities on Twitter today,” stated Yeon Jeong Kim.

Moreover, Twitter also ranked the top twenty (20) markets tweeting about K-pop in 2020 by tweet volume. And our country, the Philippines, made it to the list. In fact, the Philippines has even ranked number four (4), while Indonesia has taken the number one (1) spot.

The Top 20 Markets Tweeting about K-pop Ranked by Tweet Volume in 2020

Source: Twitter| Blog

  1. Indonesia
  2. Thailand
  3. South Korea
  4. Philippines
  5. USA
  6. Brazil
  7. Malaysia
  8. Japan
  9. Mexico
  10. India
  11. Argentina
  12. Peru
  13. Vietnam
  14. UK
  15. France
  16. Chile
  17. Singapore
  18. Canada
  19. Turkey
  20. Spain

So who were the most-mentioned artists in 2020? Well, well-known South Korean groups such as BTS, EXO, and BLACKPINK are among those that made it to Twitter’s list. Plus, they also released new music projects for their fans last year. Check out the list below to see who else got the world’s attention in 2020.

The top 10 Most-Mentioned K-pop Artists on Twitter in 2020

Source: Twitter| Blog

  1. BTS (@BTS_twt)
  2. NCT (@NCTsmtown)
  3. EXO (@weareoneEXO)
  5. GOT7 (@GOT7Official)
  6. TREASURE (@treasuremembers)
  7. SEVENTEEN (@pledis_17)
  10. ATEEZ (@ATEEZofficial)

Were you also tweeting about K-pop last year? Who are your most mentioned K-pop artists? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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Source: Twitter| Blog

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