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Oh My Gulay : Revisiting a Classic Baguio City Restaurant

Oh My Gulay Baguio, the creative restaurant at the top of La Azotea Building can certainly be considered a Baguio classic. Before the pandemic and the social media boom, Oh My Gulay has been providing flavorful vegetarian dishes. It’s been years since our last visit to Oh My Gulay, we did plan on visiting last 2020 but you know the rest of the story.

Revisiting Oh My Gulay Baguio

The revisit to Oh My Gulay was not planned at all. It was all thanks to the Sunday’s at Session road that we got the time and place (among the chalk artists) to think about where should we eat for lunch. Since we have not tried OMG (Oh my Gulay) after the lockdowns we opted to dine here without even thinking about the flight of stairs that we have to climb to reach this restaurant in Baguio City.

For those who have tried eating in this restaurant, you would know that from the La Azotea entrance along Session Road you will have to climb to the top to reach Oh My Gulay. We were excited to reach the top ready to see what changed if any at Oh My Gulay and what Oh My Gulay 2022 looks like.

Oh My Gulay Baguio Restaurant Stairs

The Stairway to Oh My Gulay

Inside Oh My Gulay Restaurant

Oh My Gulay Baguio Restaurant Entrance

So what changed? Nothing much, aside from the slight changes to the menu and new paintings hanging on the wall. We mean this in a good way. One thing that successful restaurants have in common is consistency and Oh My Gulay certainly is consistent not only with the theme and purpose of the restaurant but as well as the flavors of their dishes.

Oh My Gulay Menu 2022

Oh My Gulay Baguio Restaurant Menu

So what is the latest in the menu of Oh My Gulay this 2022? A slight change happened, our favorite squash blossom tempura is not on the menu. Still, the classics like the “Anak ng Putanesca” and “KKK Sliders” among others are still on the menu.

Oh My Gulay Squash Blossoms

The Squash Blossom Tempura of Oh My Gulay Circa 2014

This time around, however, we ordered the vegetarian sisig called “Saksakan ng Sisig”. It is a vegetarian take on the all-time favorite Filipino dish, Sisig. In this vegetarian version, instead of using pigs ears as the main protein, they used tofu which was fried to a crisp.

Oh My Gulay Baguio Restaurant Sisig

The Vegetarian Sisig at Oh My Gulay Baguio

We also ordered the “Walastik Bistek” the vegetarian version of another classic Filipino dish the “Bistek”. This dish is made with tofu cooked ala “Bistek” served with a sunny-side-up egg and red rice.

Oh My Gulay Baguio Restaurant Walastik Bistek

For dessert, we ordered the “Saging at Mani Lab Affair” which is a crepe filled with banana slices and peanut butter, the crepe is also topped with vanilla ice cream.

Oh My Gulay Baguio Restaurant Crepe

So what do we think about the food? Like what was mentioned at the start of this article, the hallmark of every successful restaurant is consistency. Yes, there might be some slight changes in the menu but the quality and taste of the food remained to be the same, and as far as we can remember, it was delicious.

Oh My Gulay Baguio Restaurant Dining

The Second Floor Dining area hasn’t changed

While the pandemic indeed locked us down, it is good to see that once we are out and about, we return to our favorite restaurants and eat our favorite food with the same flavorful taste compared to the last time we visited before the lockdown.

Oh My Gulay Koi Pond

Glad to see their Koi Pond remain so vibrant

A revisit to Oh My Gulay, one of Baguio City’s classic restaurants is recommended and we hope just like we did, you will be served with a smile along with the same taste of your favorite dish.

Oh My Gulay Location

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