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Oldest COVID-19 Patient in Baguio Overcomes the Disease

Great news came out of the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) today as they have discharged another COVID-19 patient. What is unique about this patient is his age as he is 77 years old and is the oldest individual to be afflicted by the disease.

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Older People are High-risk from COVID-19

As we all know through the warnings of medical experts as well as the World Health Organization, people who are at their “senior” years are the ones at high-risk from COVID-19. In the data released by WHO in Europe, 95% of deaths occurred in people who are older than 60 years old and 50% of all deaths came from patients 80 years old and above.

A Special Case of Overcoming the Disease

It is because of this high-risk from COVID-19, that senior citizens in the Philippines are not allowed to go out of their homes. This is what makes the case of the oldest COVID-19 patient who overcame the disease really special. While the age could be a factor, proper care by our frontliners may have played a vital role in the recovery of this patient. Not to mention that he is also a stroke patient which could be considered as comorbidity further increasing the risk to the health and life of the patient.

A Simple Send Off Program

As part of a budding tradition, the frontliners at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center prepared a simple send-off program for their 12th COVID-19 patient who recovered. Here are some photos during the send-off, the photos are used with the expressed permission of BGHMC.
Send-off photo for the COVID-19 patient
Photo of the patient on a wheelchair, frontliners wearing PPEs and an Ambulance

Let’s Continue the Fight Against COVID-19

While there are no specific medicine for COVID-19 and no vaccines developed yet, proper care for oneself through the practice of proper personal hygiene and following the rules of the Enhanced community quarantine on social distancing and wearing facemasks are our best protection for now against the menace called COVID-19.

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