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Market Days to be Added, Sunday Lockdown to be removed in Baguio City

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong through an advisory has announced that the local government will start easing up its restrictions. While the mayor has expressed that he sees no definite end to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have to push forward and get accustomed to the “new social norms that are centered on health and disease prevention”.

photo of the baguio city hall gate showing the baguio city seal

From the foot of the Baguio City Hall

Easing Up Policies

As Baguio City enters the “new normal” the city government has eased up on the following policies:

    1. Curfew – the City Government of Baguio has recently announced that the curfew has been adjusted from the original 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM. Therefore, businesses can adjust their operating time accordingly.
    2. Added Days on Designated Mall and Market Schedules – the mall and market schedule initially allows for only 2 days a week for a citizen to visit the mall or the city market to buy essential goods. By June 29, 2020, the designated Mall and Market Schedule will now provide for 3 days a week.
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    4. Removal of Sunday Lockdown – Sunday is considered as a lockdown day and absolutely no one is allowed to go out of their homes. Especially during when Baguio was in ECQ and GCQ status. With the easing up of restrictions, starting June 29, 2020, the Sunday Lockdown will be removed.
    5. Opening of the Public Market on Sundays – to accommodate the three day Mall and Market schedule. On July 5, 2020, the Baguio City Public Market will be open on Sundays.

    A Reminder for All Citizens of Baguio

    While the city government will be easing the restrictions in the coming days. The City Mayor has reminded everyone of the following:

    1. We are still under quarantine, people should only go out for essential purposes.
    2. The easing of restrictions is NOT an invitation nor an indication that people can go out at any time for any purpose.
    3. Those who are below age 21 or 60 and above SHOULD STAY HOME.
    4. Those who have underlying health conditions and pregnant women SHOULD STAY HOME.
    5. Wear your facemask especially in public places.
    6. Observe physical/social distancing.
    7. Make handwashing and sanitizing a habit.
    8. Go out only WHEN NECESSARY.
    Photo of the Disinfection Area at Baguio City Hall entrance

    The disinfection area at the entrance of Baguio City Hall.

    In his advisory, the Mayor also asked the public to be patient and cooperative during these challenging times.

    Source: PIO Baguio

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  1. Regarding the travel pass, as long as you applied online and have and pass a medical certificate issued by a public doctor or any authorized govt. Assigned doctors is enough papers to pass thru checkpoints. Your good health is your pass port to move freely. Thank you. More power to our frontlliners.

  2. Paano po kumuha ng Travel pass going po sa Tayug Pangasinan dadalawin d ko ang mommy ko wla nman po syang sakit i just missed her po. Thank you po.

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