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Major International Websites are down including Reddit, Twitch, CNN, New York Times

Update 7:50 PM

A service configuration from Fastly was the cause of the global disruption, according to them the configuration that caused the outage was disabled and websites using their services are now online.

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As of 7:24 PM Philippine time, has already been restored, and we also noticed that most of the websites are already loading properly
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If you are having trouble accessing some media websites like CNN or BBC, you are not alone. The said websites are down and showing different errors as of the writing of this article. The New York Times was also malfunctioning however after reloading the website it was already working however, the slow loading speed of the website is noticeable and several photos were not showing up.

Social Website also Affected

The social websites and were also down. In addition, has also been reported to be malfunctioning although the local website was working fine when we did a check.

The UK Government website was also found to be malfunctioning and showing a connection error.

What might be the cause?

After looking at the errors, and although the errors sometimes change whenever we load the websites, we noticed this common error among the affected websites “Fastly error: unknown domain: (domain name)”.

Upon further check, Fastly is actually a Content Delivery Network, used to load websites quickly and provide security to the websites that availed of their services. Unfortunately, is down which means websites that are using their services are also affected. As to the cause of the outage for Fastly, that remains to be determined, pending official statements from proper authorities. This is a developing story.

Screenshots of Errors from the websites

UK Government Website

UK Government website down

Reddit Down


CNN Down Down

UK Government website down





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