Ingrid Payaket Bags Grand Prize in Online Songwriting Competition

Singer-songwriter Ingrid Payaket brought home the grand prize in the recently concluded The Vehnee Saturno Online Songwriting Contest 2020.

The Vehnee Saturno’s Online Songwriting Contest 2020 was launched by the Vehnee Saturno Music Corp. in celebration of Mr. Vehnee Saturno’s 40th year in the music industry.  With the theme “Today’s Hits, Tomorrow’s Classics,” the contest searched for song entries that have the appeal of timelessness and relevance in the future.

Her entry, entitled “Saving Grace”, talks about people’s struggles during the pandemic, and reminding listeners that His saving grace will be there during times of hardship and loneliness.

“Naisulat ko ang kantang Saving Grace ngayong panahon ng pandemic. Bilang isang mental health advocate, gusto ko lang ipaalala sa mga tagapakinig na kahit ano mang hirap na dinaranas, hindi tayo nag-iisa. Minsan, it’s in our darkest times that we see His light, His saving grace.” – Ingrid Payaket

Watch Ingrid Payaket – Saving Grace

Saving Grace by Ingrid Payaket Lyrics

Feeling so lost in the dark
Don’t know where I’m going
Dreams are all shattered apart
The wind just stopped blowing my sails

Drowning in spirals I go
Deep in the water
Struggling to stand on my own
Can’t ease the pain

Just close your eyes, take a deep breath
Everything’s gonna be alright
Come hold out your hand
Just hang on tight, I’ll be by your side
You’re never alone, look up to the skies
And you’ll understand

You’re my saving grace
You’re my saving grace
You’re my saving grace
You’re my saving grace

When I’m alone and the storm’s out at sea
My soul is just drifting away
The waves just come crashing all over me
But I won’t be taken away

You’re my saving grace
You’re my saving grace
You’re my saving grace
You’re my saving grace


SOURCE: Vehnee Saturno Music Corp.

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